Natsuyuki Rendezvous – 01

Sup. New show. This is a CR edit. We’re always slowpokes for the first episode. Koi to Senkyo later too. Rekyu’s been on vacation, so just him some slack.

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17 Responses to Natsuyuki Rendezvous – 01

  1. Rinoa Heartilly says:

    Great. New shows before you’ve even finished Shining Hearts. Is Shining Hearts dropped?

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks for this. Also waiting patiently for Shining Hearts.

  3. Welp says:

    Well, stop waiting patiently. At least one other group finished it enough to satisfy.

    Because inb4 it never gets finished by WhyNot.

    Even if it did get more interesting in the second half it sure was a boring anime..dunno why I kept watching. Stubborn I guess.

    • Index says:

      Tony Taka. I don’t need other fucking reason. gonna fapfap~

    • Drew says:

      No I will not stop waiting patiently, I actually like this show and this sub group, everyone has there own opinions about anime just because you say it’s shit doesn’t mean others do. I like to finish from the sub group i started with, I’m not one of those people that think any sub will do. Also i am a patient person so i can wait.

  4. ashes says:

    Hi question? If it’sa CR edit does that mean that only the font type used was changed? whereas all translation/wording retains?

  5. sandoe41 says:

    Has anyone else had a problem at 00:38, I keep seeing an artifact bar running across the top of the video.

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