Mouretsu Space Pirates – BD Vol 01

So, turns out we’re doing these. It got encoded and was just sitting around, so why not?

Both episodes have fixes that will be included when we batch the TV version later.

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22 Responses to Mouretsu Space Pirates – BD Vol 01

  1. Julio says:

    Is it 10-bit and not ordered chapters?

  2. Julio says:


  3. msa502 says:

    If this ain’t bothering you, could you provide a separate, downloadable FLAC track?
    Thanks for doing the BD, and hope it’s not hindering the release of the TV version.

  4. WhoWhat says:

    Did you pick that picture since you’re a bike geek? I saw that before as a concept bike from Cannondale and looked it up–it looks like the Cannondale OnBike.

  5. DarkSlayer says:

    Thanks, thank you so much!!! Especially for only including The NCED and NCOP as extras! :D

    Anyway, how’s the status of steins;gate BD? And will you use The NCOP and NCED for the OP ED? I hope not ==

    • Quattro says:

      Steins;Gate will use ordered chapters with the NCOP and NCED. It is for the best with this series. By cutting the OP/ED out and using ordered chapters, we can give the encodes a bit more bitrate all around. As for the use of the creditless versions instead of the standard OP/ED, we prefer them. I can include them separately for anyone would may want them, but they won’t work with the ordered chapters.

      We’re expecting late March, early April. They are being encoded right now even.

  6. iRoxxor says:

    great, thanks :)

  7. Emwe says:

    Thanks and thanks and even more thanks that you guys do the BD’s
    Now I’m happy that I can upgrade with your subs and can simply ignore the bloated stuff from tenshi.

  8. BAKA-SAN? says:

    Are you gonna sub Nekogami Yaoyorozu Ova?

  9. IZEROII says:

    Thank God you guys picked up your own work bc CGi was in the process of killing it with that “encoder”

  10. Verix says:

    Absolutely perfect quality, you guys know how to encode

  11. QUICKSORT says:

    So I guess you guys will be doing now the whole BD.
    That’s amazing cause I guess you guys are the only one. And maan the quality is good.
    I always prefer quality over file size. but you guys maintained them both very well.
    Good Job guys. Keep it up.

    And thx for the little update info on Steins;Gate. Seriously you guys are the ONLY ones doing it properly for such a good anime (imho).
    Thank you guys

  12. otk says:

    Any progress on Vols. 2-4?

  13. James Siemens says:

    Same as otk. Are you still working on the BD’s?

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