Mouretsu Space Pirates – 02

Forgive my slow upload speed. Nobody else is around, and I can’t remember the login info for the seedbox. :x

Edit: Quattro derped and used the wrong OP style. v2 to fix that.
v2 patch

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16 Responses to Mouretsu Space Pirates – 02

  1. Nickienator says:

    Thanks for the release, curious how this series is gonna work out.

  2. Kurisu says:

    Thanks for releasing on the same day so I don’t have to resort to horriblevideo <3

  3. Koby says:

    I downloaded the v2 via the fileserve link posted over at nyaa for the torrent.

    Just going to say, you forgot the font files or something even in the v2 because the OP still doesn’t match episode 1. =P

  4. Arrr says:

    Arr ye mates, thanks for the subs!

  5. adder says:

    Can we get less rainbowy op/ed with romanji?

  6. Arson says:


  7. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks :D

  8. lady says:

    both the DDL links for ep. 1 & 2 are dead. replace them please. and thanks for all the animes.

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