Mouretsu – 05

These guys really have no idea how physics work in space, especially Newton’s First Law: An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon it.

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  1. Mushyrulez says:

    I think these guys just really have no idea what ‘bodacious’ means, especially ‘boldly audacious’: A person who is bold, brazen, and not a mini-skirt-wearing-foolish-airheaded-highschool-teenage-girl.

  2. blackice85 says:

    Thanks for the release. I generally forgive scifi stuff for getting microgravity wrong as very few of us have experienced it. I think it’s easy to forget how much the Earth’s gravity governs the way we move about when you’ve never been away from it’s influence.

  3. Noob4ever says:

    Hell they shouldn’t even be wearing skirts. I mean, they would just be flapping around whenever someone moves. Or maybe they should, then there’d be fanservice for everyone :(

  4. ? says:

    > arguing about animu physics

    I do that too often, and I also realize the stupidity and futility of my thoughts and actions on the matter. Anime is almost never realistic about such things, even when they try to be. It’s a shame, but It can’t be helped.

    • blackice85 says:

      I was actually impressed that they don’t have some sort of ‘artificial gravity generator’ so they could just ignore it entirely. I guess I can give them some credit for trying lol

      • MrDrSr says:

        They should have, then I could’ve just brushed it off as magic or magnets or something…

        • megabot says:

          obviously they use gesture controlled, fully autonomous movement correcting gravitation micro-wells. ship-wide gravity generators are at least 100 years out of style, and with those you would need expensive power suits for all your heavy lifting.

          Srsly, have some more imagination. Isn’t the future suppose to be high-tech-practical, in stead of high-tech-needlessly-complicated?

          • megabot says:

            With high-tech-needlessly-complicated I meant moving around in zero gravity, which is supposedly hard as hell and annoying. Probably should have skipped the high-tech part there, but it sounded smart in my head.

      • planetes says:

        I’m not. Conceptually artificial gravity is very easy to produce. Just spin the damn spaceship around. Having artificial gravity would have been much better for a story which involves school girls wearing short skirts in outer space. With artificial gravity their skirts stays down. Which makes me wonder why there’s been no pantsu shots so far, probably the *only* reason for the girls to wear skirts in space.

        • planetes says:

          BTW the way the most realistic anime that shows women *nearly* wearing skirts in 0g is Planetes. The flight stewardesses there wear culottes, long shorts that look like skirts (“skorts”).

        • Anima says:

          Actually that’s only halfway true. While gravity can be imitated by the centripetal force, the strength of this force depends on the angular velocity and the distance to the rotation axis. While angular velocity is equal troughout the ship, the radius is not, which results in an uneven distribution of force. That’s a problem for warships who want their crew in the center of the ship, since the centripental force is much weaker close to the axis of rotation. The angular velocity is also limited by the human boday that can only accustom to a few rpm. In other words, the ship may even be too small for meaningfull artifical gravity.
          It would also be difficult to maintain the direction of the sails while the ship rotates. Two counter rotating inner centrifuges would solve that problem, but that has difficulties on it’s own.
          Of course it would be a different matter if you would go for only a fraction of normal gravity. But considering that the Odette 2 is a warship and has solar sails, the lack of artificial gravity makes sense. It might be different for a passenger ship.

          • blackice85 says:

            Yeah I could maybe see using that for a very large space station-type vessel, but it would probably be impractical for regular transport ships.

          • Martin says:

            Well, they do appear to have a rotating section on the Odette II – check out the exterior shots during the voyage & the scenes with the “teachers”. They are walking normally, drinking from open containers, etc. :)

          • Anonymous says:

            I was just under the impression that the ship does exert some weak kind of gravity, or magnetic force or something.

            The scene where they’re spacewalking and all zoom along close to the hull, then come to a stop on it? I just handwaved it as some kind of attractive force.

            If we accept that (this directed at Martin) we can accept that certain aspects of the ship can have their own attraction force, whatever that may be. That way, everyone could comfortably sit in “gravity-exerting” chairs and go about their work.

            Maybe beer cans have their own gravity!

  5. MissedThePoint says:

    Maybe they though newtonian physics didn’t apply to areas without gravity? Does this show have an Earth and Japan too? Just curious if it’s fantasy and not based of our world and/or done by some naive author.

  6. Ginjirou says:

    This will be my first time visiting Whynot subs. I see your name in front of a lot of anime files but never actually took the time to come here and say thanks for what ya do… so …. yea, thx

  7. BlackStar says:

    “Live long and prosper.”
    Did the mom really say that?
    That’s prolly the funniest part of the show.

  8. TheWonko says:

    Honestly, I was expecting “thrusters on to keep the ship moving in space”-level physics, so I’m willing to forgive a lack of knowledge of orbital mechanics here.

  9. kurini says:

    Good, you guys are faster than horriblesubs this time! It’ll be the first time I watch Mouretsu with Whynot! :D

    (looking forward to phi brain 18 :P)

  10. azazel-san says:

    thx for the release.
    is there a problem around 04:54-05:10(m:s) or just me?

  11. macxxx007 says:


    Have a good night and a good rest of the weekend!

  12. Yatta says:

    Thanks for your great subs! ^_^

  13. Some Dood says:

    Physics? Many series containing tits greet you.

    But whatever happened to Poyopoyo?

  14. MumbleMumble says:

    Dammy system …. Those animators need to get paid more …

  15. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks :D

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