Merry Christmas~

Episodes – 1-25, NCOP, NCED
Info – 1280×720 + AAC, 10bit, Ordered chapters, Japanese audio only
Subs – Commie (modified), Steins;Sub (some typesetting)
Pretty much the same staff is working on Robotics;Notes now, so you can expect the subs to be similar to how we handle that.

AsuraE (Encoder) – I’ll take this time to say fuck Australian ISPs. I’ve probably had a total of 5-6 months this year without a proper connection -_-
ReadingSteiner (Editor, TLC, Song translator) – Steiner is sick, so I’ll add his comment later.
COYS (QC) – In the beta world line, this is delayed until next year. El Psy Congroo.
Quattro (Project lead, OVA translator, Editor) – After all this time, we’re finally done. We all put quite a bit of effort into making this release what it is, so I hope everyone enjoys it. See you all for the movie.
RandomEntropy1 (Timer) – WTF? When did I time for this?
Riktasi (Timer) – ^ Just nod and say how it was so much work.
Afinon (Timer) – I remember working on these when I joined a year ago.
Congeal (Timer)
Vale (OVA TLC)
MrDrSr (Mascot)

Ep 23v2 patch
Ep 24v2 patch

Note: There will never be a 1080p release. Stop asking

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  1. KenpachiXI says:

    Cheers for the release.
    Just wondering, is anyone else getting a problem with episode 23? It won’t let me skip or anything on VLC player

    • AsuraE says:

      VLC is the aids of the media player world. Get a proper player.

      • SpiritsUnite says:

        The chapters have no end point, that’s why playback for episode 23 isn’t working properly. It was playing incorrectly in mplayer2 for me as well.

        • MLx says:

          Thanks for the info, is there a way to fix it? (I recall mkvmergeGUI having a field for “chapters”, but I’ve never used it)
          Alternatively, @AsuraE – is an xdelta patch coming soon?

          • Quattro says:

            There are no ordered chapters for episode 23, so it doesn’t need end times. Use a proper player instead.

          • SpiritsUnite says:

            So, it looks like I misunderstood. Ep 23 was not meant to have ordered chapters, however, it looks like the ordered chapters flag was turned on, and as a result, players thought that the file did use ordered chapters, when it actually didn’t, causing issues.

          • Quattro says:

            That is true. Looks like I forgot to remove the flag.

      • Okarin says:

        How so? Before you flame something, please give some justification. VLC is the open-source player that plays *almost* anything. There shouldn’t be anything to complain about.

        • AsuraE says:

          Comparing latest vlc to mpc-hc + madvr with a few test videos:
          Higher CPU usage (steins op 1080p, mpc does it at ~14% average, vlc does 21% average)
          Blurrier image (every video, anime and non-anime, that I’ve tested)
          Subtitle resolution can’t be increased in any way
          Buffering fonts? What the fuck is this and why do I need to wait for it?
          Slow skipping (mpc does it immediately, vlc has 1-2 seconds of delay)
          Audio makes skipping noises when paused and resumed.
          “Holy crap this series has a lot of banding, guess I’ll just check this box to get rid of i- NO WAIT, I CAN’T, I use vlc.”
          And let’s not forget how long it took them to fix that blocking shit.

          tl;dr: this

          • Aaron says:

            I’ve noticed that if you un-check the box that says “Use hardware YUV->RGB conversions”, its sharper then when when it’s checked, so for those that still use VLC, this might come in handy.

          • Verix says:

            You can enable gradfun debanding in advanced VLC options, you know.

          • Lord_Cthulhu says:

            So your telling me a program that came with my laptop by default is the best media player? Wow. I never would have guessed that.

          • AsuraE says:

            Unless you’ve bought some custom built thing from a small business/person in their basement, no.

  2. toolbox says:

    too bad there’s no flac 720p release. guess i’ll dl both and do a little muxing…

  3. pump0r says:

    got 2 not steins-related questions @ whynot staff:
    1. is the batch for phi brain season 2 still being worked on or canceled? im wondering cause it has been quite some time now and im waiting for it before i begin to watch the show
    2. whats your opinion on phi brain s1 & 2?

  4. Gucio says:

    Thanks, awesome release and one question: how status on Marika BDs?

  5. dgw says:

    Finally got this downloaded and copied to my own drive today (my Internet situation is screwy right now). Best holiday season ever.

    I am curious, though: Why did you guys choose to remove the OP/ED karaoke? It went SO well with the visuals, especially in the OP. Also curious about choosing the NC versions (which do look pretty empty, as SpiritsUnite said), but not as much.

    • AsuraE says:

      Apparently some (read: poor) peoples’ computers couldn’t handle the OP. As for using the NC versions, there’s nothing to it apart from common sense saying “use the best version”

      • Jackstick says:

        Then those people should seek out 480p verisons. “Use the best version”, but skimp on the karaoke because some people have shitty computers? Interesting train of thought.

        • Quattro says:

          It was my decision. I don’t think it was “skimping” on the karaoke, just simplifying it. I actually prefer it that way.

        • AsuraE says:

          The difference being that using the best version of the OP has absolutely zero effect on playback and that the karaoke lagged on any computer running at less than ~3GHz.

  6. pengu says:

    Will wait for 1080p, thanks.

  7. Nyu~ says:

    Currently downloading Steins;Gate ^_^ (thanks for this)

    anyway i would like to ask a question about in Episode 2 the OP has credits while the others episodes don’t is this on purpose?

  8. Jackstick says:

    I think you guys should have kept the credits in the OP and ED, because now episode 23 looks inconsistent because it still has credits. NCOPs and NCEDs are a nice extra, but I don’t think they should be forced in your releases, and personally I think it’s disrespectful to the people who worked on the series.

    Honestly, this release is near-perfect. All of my complaints are directed at the way you handled the OP and ED, though. Ordered chapters, no karaoke, and no credits. These are mistakes, in my opinion.

    • Jackstick says:

      And episode 9’s ED, and whatever other episodes don’t use ordered chapters. >.< Inconsistencies.

      • AsuraE says:

        1) You can replace the op and ed with the credited version if it bothers you so much.
        2) Only having one or two comments whining about ordered chapters is easier to deal with that a fuck ton of comments going “OMG Y U MAEK EPS SO HUGE” due to the op inflating each episode by 250-500MB.
        3) The karaoke is still there, stop complaining about shit that negatively affected a majority in the original releases and has now been fixed.
        4) The majority of anime viewers don’t know Japanese (protip: that’s why they watch subs), so almost every sub group in existence is being “disrespectful” by not translating the credits.
        5) Crying about inconsistencies in the ordered chapters? I suppose episode 2 would be better if the OP transition was extremely jarring by having the music starts during the prologue and then again at the start of the OP. I suppose the ending of episode 9 would be better too if I had removed part of the show and replaced it with the NCED for consistency’s sake. Episodes 23 and 24 definitely would’ve been better if the new OP was switched out for the older one. I suppose the ending to episode 23 would’ve been made better too if it was completely replaced like episode 9’s should’ve been.

        • Jackstick says:

          Okay, read my posts again once you’ve cooled down. You completely misunderstood what I said about ordered chapters and consistency.

          • AsuraE says:

            >Ordered chapters, no karaoke, and no credits. These are mistakes, in my opinion.
            >And episode 9′s ED, and whatever other episodes don’t use ordered chapters. >.< Inconsistencies. Maybe you should try again?

          • Jackstick says:

            Yes, and what caused those inconsistencies to arise? Your removal of the credits from the OP and ED, causing some episodes like 9 and 23 (which still have credits) to seem inconsistent. I’m not asking you to change those episodes. That would be retarded. I’m asking you to make all of the other episodes consistent with the few that cannot use ordered chapters. I understand that you’d have complaints about large file size, so how you just provide us with additional credited versions of the OP and ED?

            And about the karaoke: you’re lacking the romaji lyrics.

    • Aaron says:

      I kinda like the idea of the intro having no credits or karaoke, but maybe the ending should have both. Still, excellent work on this, I look fore-ward to seeing it soon.

  9. Aaron says:

    Hmmm, I could have the intro and ending with or without Romaji, its great either way. I just didn’t like how it MOVED AROUND in some versions. Though having no credits seems a bit……good in some ways, maybe just a tiny bit strange in other ways, especialy considering some eps still have them. But it’s still an excellent release…..the best, really.

  10. Ghostlysunny11 says:

    I really do appreciate this, you guys being the only ones who released the BD version of this anime with all the episodes. Can you guys give me an ETA for the 1080 version?

  11. FormX says:

    So on a 1080p screen would the 720p be better than the 1080p?

  12. Nemu_khao says:

    May i know why you guys used Commie’s subs and not SteinsSub? Please reply.

    • Quattro says:

      Because we felt like it. They were both based on CR originally, so it doesn’t matter. In all fairness, we might as well have just said we used CR and modified it.

  13. Shawn263241 says:

    I don’t know who, but someone did a crappy job of putting the OPs and EDs in their places. I noticed in several episodes that a few frames and a split second of sound would either come in before an OP or ED when it would have gone on the other end, or vice-versa. Not really a deal breaker (I guess this is as good as it gets), but I figured I’d mention it anyways.

    Pretty interesting way of doing the karaoke, btw. Thanks a bunch for leaving out the romaji that’s usually at the top.

    • nightly says:

      my god.. how are you going to let people know youre a passive aggressive faggot now that you cant sing along with the opening and ending songs?

      • Shawn263241 says:

        Who are you talking to?

        • Nyu~ says:

          He’s talking to you…


          “sound would either come in before an OP or ED”

          like in episode 3, 24 (those with credits)

          That’s normal it’s the same in the TV version…

          • Shawn263241 says:

            I think he’s made some kind of misunderstanding.

            I almost don’t want to believe that the original product was so poorly put together for release, but I guess it’s not impossible.

  14. Corbyn says:

    I re-inserted the romaji karaoke into the episodes that were missing them (I think I got all of them) and can be downloaded here:

    If you find any episodes that are missing karaoke, let me know and I’ll update my patch. I can be found on as Corbyn.

  15. Beckett says:

    Thanks for the release. I wasn’t watching anime when this show originally aired so I missed it the first time around. Luckily I just finished it and so was able to narrowly avoid a world where I had a Steins;Gate shaped hole in my heart for all eternity. That hole has been filled and you have my gratitude.

  16. Rod says:

    1080. Believe.

  17. d_ace_shines says:

    Hell yeah! Thanks for the release!! :D

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