More Recruiting

We’re still looking for more staff. What we need most are typesetters, QCers, another encoder and an editor for BD projects (we’re still recruiting for other positions though~ So long as it’s not crossed out).


Typesetter – We’re in desperate need of typesetters. You should have at the very least least practised typesetting a few episodes and go through tutorials before doing the test (seriously, the last 4 tests haven’t even known what typesetting is).
I can’t believe I have to add this in but NOTE: As a typesetter you are expected to be able to use different fonts to match the signs on screen, use basic movement, typeset frame by frame for advanced movement and use clip when a sign becomes partially covered.

QC – Still in need of these. A QCer’s job is to look over every aspect of a release to make sure it’s error free. This includes noticing spelling, grammatical, timing, typesetting and encoding errors. The test is scored out of 5 errors I have placed in the test. There may be more errors but they won’t count towards the score.

Encoder – The “test” is to send us something you encoded, your avs script, and a brief explanation of your x264 settings and filters used (or not). And I mean brief – no essays or paragraphs, just keep it short and to the point. You need to have a minimum of 150KB/s upload and at least a quad core. (Test should be a standard anime ep, ~24 mins long and either 720p or 1080p). Test must be in 10-bit.

Translator – Always in need of translators. If you can translate it, we can probably get enough people together to release it.

Editor – Editors must have a strong grasp of the English language. The test is a pretty extreme case of how things can go, so if you can handle that you’re up for anything.
Test You must edit everything, including any songs/typesets etc.

Timer – Always looking for new timers to help speed projects along. In order to keep how much we have to teach to a minimum, all timers are expected to be familiar with the information in this guide.

TLC – We are always in need of TLCs! (Translation Checkers, though tender loving care is fine, too)

All applicants need to:
1) Drop by the IRC channel #WhyNot?, talk to AsuraE and send an email to (be sure to DO BOTH).
2) Use “WhyNot? Test – *insertpositionhere*” as the subject. Anything else will be filtered out as junk.
3) Include your available times (and time zone in UTC/GMT), internet connection (saying “It’s good” or “It’s fast” isn’t enough), and nick in the application email.
4) Lurk on our channel (all communication will be done through IRC).

Failure to do any of these means that you fail the basic test of being able to follow simple instructions, so reread this after writing your email. So far no one has got it completely right.

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10 Responses to More Recruiting

  1. Dr. Pepper says:

    I’m bummed I didn’t make it, but at the same time, I’m pleased. I’m glad you hold a high standard here, and I’m definitely looking forward to future releases.

  2. H_B says:

    Please tag appropriately when you’ll post your decision on Itsuka Tenma OVA. Just making sure.

  3. Juular says:

    I wish I had known you were recruiting. Guess it’s too late to try out for an encoding position?

    • Quattro says:

      Apply anyway, we could probably use another encoder. And this page has been up for almost 3 months, taking the place of another recruiting post. We’re almost always look for new staff even if it’s just backup.

  4. tableau says:

    nice post!
    i cant share this link :
    am i doing it wrong ?

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