Medaka Box – 04

>mfw I found my old hentai folder yesterday

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21 Responses to Medaka Box – 04

  1. sandoe41 says:

    Thank you for the release, will enjoy it.

  2. felixmegion says:

    is this delayed? or regular sched?

  3. says what says:

    nobody cares about your loli fapping habits. shush and make more medaka.

  4. macxxx007 says:

    While… I am happy you found something you couldn’t find before… please know that I am even HAPPIER with you releasing this episode!

    Thanks for the episode and please have a good night

    P.S. While polishing the musket is good, don’t chafe the barrel!

  5. tibsi says:

    and where can we see it… the hentai folder I mean

    P.S. And as always thx for your Act of Art for this release.

  6. GimmeAir says:

    Thanks for the episode. And there’s nothing like finding an old lost freiend.

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  8. alias says:

    i can’t download your torrent.
    it says the tracker is sending invalid data/the tracker is invalid

  9. msa502 says:

    @around 11:24-11:25, there are 7 frames with glitch @the eyecatch scene.
    Other than that, awesome.

  10. K^3 says:

    Heya, found a typo.

    Dialogue: 0,0:20:16.63,0:20:22.49,medaka main,,0000,0000,0000,,I will stay by your side until you can convey your feelings though writing!
    {though -> through}

    Just wanted to point that out so that you can easily fix it in the v2/batch ^^

  11. E/C says:

    A question…
    Been doing some trial & error in experimentation with XviD4PSP converter and can’t to convert the previous episodes of your release of Medaka BOX… Namely, Ep. 01 and Ep. 02… Whilst eps 3&4 converts wonderfully…

    Do not misunderstand…
    Mine PC’s able to play 10-bit encodes… And I’m truly grateful that this group still continues to sub this series despite CR’s meddlesome affairs…

    As mentioned earlier…
    Only doing an experiment with the latest K-Lite codec pack and XviD4PSP softwares…
    Could not understand why your release of eps 1&2 always have video distortions throughout the ep. that’s very obvious from the preview of the convertion to the end result… But the audio and subs, turning to hard-subs if converted to AVI or MP4, works just like the original file…

    Have mine own reasons for the experiment…
    Only requests for info. about how your group encoded the .TS and if there’s something different from your ep. 03 and ep. 04 encodes…

    Thank you for taking the time in reading this…
    Hope mine humble request did not mean anything else to anyone…

  12. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks for subung :D

  13. Its already 24 July today. You guys really drop the series eh…
    Y U NO Sub Medaka episode 5…???
    Anyway..good job for Subbing some of the series..


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