Medaka Box – 02

Oh hai. EDIT: Chapter file is fucked, we know. Quattro forgot to save it before muxing apparently. If you want it and can’t live without chapters, click here to download it.

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31 Responses to Medaka Box – 02

  1. Insertnamehere says:

    Crunchyroll has decided to get this series.
    Is WhyNot still gonna sub this?

    P.S. Thanks for the hard work as usual.

  2. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  3. derp says:

    Guys, never miss the word “Devil” when Zen is using it. It’s important to the story and also his character trade mark.

  4. Jor says:

    hello just a question, aren’t u going to sub Jormungand?
    it’s in your list

  5. macxxx007 says:

    SWEET! This show is looking awesome! JUST AS I EXPECTED!

    Thanks so much for the episode!


  6. Sobre says:

    Thanks for the release~
    A typo at 10:08 it says “Isihaya”.

  7. Nickienator says:

    I so nervous.

  8. AClockWorkLemon says:

    Is it just me whose MPC (Runnining latest CCCP) crashes as soon as it tries to open the file? Player is fine, play other files with no issue.

    • AClockWorkLemon says:

      And yes, CRC32 matches

      • AClockWorkLemon says:

        Whatever, managed to get it working in VLC. but i got this several times. Seriously, WTF?

        • Quattro says:

          Couldn’t say. Played perfectly fine for me using cccp. Maybe you could try to reinstall. Something may have gotten corrupted.

        • msa502 says:

          No problems on my end. Using MPC-HC which comes with CCCP 2011-11-11, LAV Audio and Video filter.

          As for the artefact, I could say it’s VLC’s problem. I never used VLC so I could be wrong, but I heard VLC is known to have problems playing 10-bit video.

          To WhyNot staff, the typeset @00:07 missing the “a” alphabet on “Hakoniwa Academy”. Not much of an issue, but you could consider this to be fixed on the batch.

          Thank you for the release.

  9. Chrono says:

    Well, I am having some problems with artifacts, It is 10 bits right ? because it’s weird all the other 10 bit releases i have are playing perfectly…Maybe a part of the file got corrupted.

  10. remm says:

    Why do you translate parameters as status?
    I think parameters fits well considering Nisio Isin’s meta writing style.
    Also Zen says devil quite often, is his thing. And it’ll become important later if there’s another season.

  11. Jasmine says:

    It seems to crash Windows Media player on open for me.

  12. mangamuscle says:

    Instead of offering an xml wouldn’t it be better for most people if you offered an xdelta patch file? most people can’t mux but most of them can run a bat file.

  13. Ann says:

    Im also having trouble with this episode playing in mpc-hc. I’ve updated it to the latest version, reinstalled it, installed both the x32 and x64 versions and Ive checked cccp. I tried like 10 other files, 10bit and non 10bit, and they worked fine. I was wondering if you have any advice as to what might be wrong.

  14. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks :D

  15. STiger says:

    Got around to watching this finally and uh… is Japan colorblind? Those uniforms are clearly fucking blue.

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