Mayo Chiki – 03

Love the faces this girl makes.

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  1. Progeusz says:

    Great show.
    (still downloading)

  2. Yatta says:

    Thanks for the fast sub! :D

  3. mascthemoney says:

    ehhhhh ill wait for other groups.

    • Quattro says:

      >waiting for ayako

      Have fun with that.

      Instead of being a retard, how about you actually watch the release and think for yourself? Because I’m curious, why would you wait?

      • AsuraE says:

        I’m more curious about why someone would go to a group’s site and post that. Also, since he’s at this level of retardation, it’s more likely that he’s waiting for Chiki than Ayako….

    • LolWtf says:

      Poor trolling attempt, faggot.
      There’s nothing to wait for.
      Ayako = garbage subs (dunno why they still bother… perhaps just a massive trolling attempt?)
      Chiki = not exactly bad, but not that great either.

      If one of the other two groups released, I could understand waiting for WhyNot (I certainly would do that), but definitely not the other way round.

      • LolWtf says:

        Ok, just watched the Whiners review of Chiki’s Chiki and take back what I said about Chiki.
        Chiki’s subs of Soft Tennis (after Hiryuu half-dropped it) were nowhere near that bad and actually watchable.
        Their Chiki however (probably done by a completely different tranlator/editor/whatever, or by the same while totally plastered) is just utter garbage -_-;;

  4. wat says:

    lol sharera— oh wait.

    well not that i really care, thanks for the fast release.

  5. LunaYoshi says:

    BTW thanks for the fast release! Still downloading. WhyNot OWNS~

  6. The M0on DOgg says:

    This is the first time I heard about you guys. I tend to get my subs from Ayako before. I’ll try to compare the difference between all the subs of MChiki. Here’s to your hard work and hope to score higher than Ayako on my cards.

      • The M0on DOgg says:

        I dun care what others think. They say GG’s good, but koda’s just an asshole and a troll.

        Same here: my cards, my judgment. Win my vote and expect a loyal fan.

        • AsuraE says:

          Since when does someone being an asshole automatically mean that they don’t make good subs? (assuming they’re not troll subbing ;))

          • The M0on DOgg says:

            I just hate then for the filesize. It’s so hard to DL their subs. Sure they are competent, but you don’t need to raise the size that big. There’s actually no point in a HQ because were watching it on a PC. They’re just enjoying seeing people have a hard time DLing their releases. And so we come to Koda’s ultimate reason: troll people with anime.

            You should just admit it: I’m currently trying to rally people who hates GG and put an end to koda.

          • Quattro says:

            lol I don’t have any issues with large filesizes. And there is especially a point in higher quality encodes because we are watching on monitors (I have a fairly decent size one, so it makes a difference).

          • The M0on DOgg says:


            Since you have a good ISP and a nice sized monitor, you must be rich, or has a good-paying job.

            We’re not blessed with a silver spoon like you: we’re normal people with normal ISP and normal PC’s with decent monitors.

            HQ needs something like high-end PC’s, premium plan ISP, the works. We clearly cannot afford such luxury. Because if we could, we should just have bought the DVD or BluRays.

          • Quattro says:

            I’m a poor college student bro -_-. I have what I do because of my part time tech support job.

      • ZOMGitschu says:

        from that website, WhyNot is proven the best for Mayo Chiki, even they say to watch from WhyNot

  7. The M0on DOgg says:

    But you do have a high-end PC and ISP. Because you cannot possibly dl or upload an HQ vid even if you spend 24 hrs on it….

    • Quattro says:

      I was given my computer for free by a close friend after my old laptop broke, and I use the school internet.

      Just curious, but you’re not in the US, are you?

      • The M0on DOgg says:

        No, I’m not. So I have to be in the US too to be able to DL an HQ under 24 hours?

        D: Having HQ now seems even more preposterously impossible for me!

        • Quattro says:

          lol I couldn’t say. Most people don’t seem to have much trouble with the sizes or speeds though.

          Well, at least there are countless re-encode groups that are there to help you out.

          • The M0on DOgg says:

            Yeah…. They save my butt from time to time.

            LOLZ, your subs aren’t bad: below 500mb, nice font, timing of the subs is good…

            And you guys are fast. Clearly a plus.

          • AsuraE says:

            Ummmm the only way it’d take >24 hours to download a “HQ” file (let’s say ~600MB) is if you had dial up…

          • The M0on DOgg says:

            I got a 2mb/sec connection. Pentium4, 1gbDDR2 Ram, Stock Vid card: basically, a lower-than-basic setup: The only thing my wallet can afford.

          • AsuraE says:

            A 2mb/s (256kB/s) connection will download 600MB in ~40 mins and with the right configuration a pentium 4 (assuming it isn’t over 10 years old) will play 1080p video.

  8. The M0on DOgg says:

    A 2mb/s (256kB/s) connection will download 600MB in ~40 mins and with the right configuration a pentium 4 (assuming it isn’t over 10 years old) will play 1080p video.


    problem 1: 2mb/s – lag – speed between 2 servers at each end of the pacific – number of users = real speed

    problem 2: pentium 4 + HQ is slow as hell. I don’t have a good video card.

    • AsuraE says:

      Wouldn’t the lag only occur when you start the download? And what speed is the pentium anyway?

    • MrDrSr says:

      megabit != megabyte. Data transfer rates are measured in bits, and data storage is measured in bytes.

      Also, lag has nothing to do with throughput.

      Also, also, a P4 can play 720p video with a decent (cheap) video card.

      • The M0on DOgg says:

        Like I said: STOCK vid card. As in the one built in to your mother board. I cannot afford a vid card… $50? That’s a month’s living expenses already.

        • AsuraE says:

          Where the hell do you live to be able to live off of $50 a month??? (seriously, I wanna move there)

        • AsuraE says:

          Also, the built in graphics on my five year old laptop, along with a 1.6GHz dual core, is enough to play 1080p (so long as there aren’t any fancy (read: gay) karaoke effects)

          Anybody else remember how this convo started?

      • The M0on DOgg says:

        Also my supposed 2mb per sec connection dls 300MB in 5 hours

        • AsuraE says:

          And that’s either because a) you’re using ddls without a premium account, b) you’re using torrents without forwarding the port properly or c) you live so far away from your exchange that the line speed actually drops to below 2mbps.

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