Mayo Chiki – 11

<&valerauko> We are the Knights Who Say Nyu

You must bring us… a nyubbery!

Nyanpire tomorrow.

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11 Responses to Mayo Chiki – 11

  1. Grape says:

    I Say Nyu and Thanks for the speedy release.

  2. Nyu says:

    Thank nyu! =^.^=

  3. random guy B says:

    thanks as always, good to still have a serious group going.

  4. Arson says:

    Best sub group? Best sub group.

  5. Le Derp says:

    Thanks! I can always rely on [WhyNot?]!

  6. annoyinggoit says:

    God’s among men! I may be drunk, but nevertheless, you are God’s among men!

  7. Pawprint says:

    Icky icky icky p’tang! Zoop boing! Rowr!

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