Mayo Chiki – 10

So, yeah, this was done a few hours ago but we were all too lazy to actually do anything about it until now.

MrDrSr Edit: no sshot because Quattro released while I was on the road. >_>

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31 Responses to Mayo Chiki – 10

  1. ondi says:

    Hell yeah. Thanks for the release.

  2. fajar says:

    Thanks you much dude.

  3. bob says:

    thank you very much for this release, id be willing to work if someone is willing to teach an open position, but that would just go against the point of recruting someone else who already knows what to do….again like someone else said “Hell yeah Thanks for the release.”

  4. bob says:

    also wanted to add lol great picture and the substitles make great sense as well.

  5. kani says:

    they’re actually not that awful, considering their album/song titles.

  6. Auro says:

    Hipster Gandalf was a Wizard before they were popular :P

  7. 共産兎 says:


    • Vale says:


    • うさみん says:



  8. mute says:

    Such a slow release as always.


  9. Grape says:

    Didn’t put the pieces together. Now I see why Ako and Riko nee chan keep showing up.

    Also explains why I like this series so much.

    Thanks again for the quick release.

    • Phukkitt says:

      Huh? How are Ako & Riko related to this show? Showing up where? Put what pieces together?

      You are making me confused… :(

      • Grape says:

        Kiss x Sis and this show are both made by the same studio “Feel”.

        They’re in the maid shop as two of the maid helpers.

        They were in this episode and episode 9


  10. Gustus_Mack says:

    Thanks for ep.10. –Er, it’s of no consequence, but there are two English words that sound the same:
    “morning” -before noon
    “mourning” -to grieve, to feel sadness over loss.

    “Mourning Brother!”
    “Mourning, Brother! I’ll be out until evening.”

    Both before OP

    I don’t care, but…

  11. Arson says:

    Nyanpire fucking when?

    ..Naaah you deliver when you have the time.

  12. efd says:

    Anyone know if nura is airing in SD this week?

  13. Kenshin-dono says:

    wasnt the little video game joke at the end a refrence to an old Folklore.. something about a guy in hell who is given a strand of spider silk or something to climb up, and when he tries a bunch of other people try to grab on and it breaks? Cant remember what it was called.

  14. Someone says:

    My god. I had to watch WhyNot’s subs here because my usual subgroup are delaying evilly.

    Jesus Christ, these are awful subs. Chick-kun? What the fuck? Legen..wait for it.. dary? What is this I don’t even? Fuck me, I think I’d rather wait for a competent subgroup even if they do delay.

    These subs are just fucking abysmal.

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