Mayo Chiki – 09

<~Quattro> Nyanpire 09 and Itsuka 08 will be finished tomorrow. Nura 09 probably not until Saturday.
<~Quattro> Deal. With. It.
<~Quattro> Also, most of us have started classes again, so who knows how the release schedules will be affected.

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28 Responses to Mayo Chiki – 09

  1. Mr.Bushido says:

    >my hand

  2. JP says:

    *nosebleed* THANK YOU SO MUCH *sniff*

  3. akatsuki says:

    Thanks for the hard work ^^.

  4. Mirk says:

    Thanks for the release!!!

  5. Kisuke says:

    Thanks =)

  6. bautrey says:

    nice gifs lol

  7. ginco says:

    is it me or do the file sizes keep increasing
    still below 400mb

    • DarkE says:

      They don’t increase, they vary. They encode with constant quality, like every good fansub group does, so some episodes need more space because they have e.g. more movements and other need less.

      Thanks for the epsiode ~

  8. Arson says:

    I can’t waaaait. But thanks ahead for the Nyanpire subss.

  9. Mio says:

    You guys are awesome

  10. Compy says:

    Try to keep Nura error free this time…

    • Quattro says:

      Care to elaborate?

      • Compy says:

        Well in nearly every episode there seem to be a few errors. Some grammatical, some with the typesetting being timed wrongly, some inconsistencies with your word choices and some with the timing of your subs. The most annoying one, and the only one I can mention specifically, was in episode 03, at around the 3:30 mark, where your subs read “Ayakashi!”, when she said something else entirely (I think it was “Let me out”, plus the timing was wrong). Also, sometimes when you use “ayakashi” or “yokai” you don’t always follow what is being said.
        I appreciate your effort and thank you very much for taking your time to sub this, I just thought you might want to know you have some mistakes in your releases…

        • Quattro says:

          It’s nearly impossible to catch every error, which is why we do batches at the end of the season to fix things. Most of the time, we do find the majority of them though. You will be hard pressed to find any release to be error free from anyone.

          There was really only a problem with the ayakashi and yokai for one episode (at least, that’s when we noticed it), where Viz had used them interchangeably throughout and the QC didn’t notice, but we’ve kept an eye on that since.

  11. ThaSaint says:

    That grab moment was awesome :”D I almost came while watching that xD

  12. mute says:

    Thanks, looking forward to mago=D

  13. Yatta says:

    Thanks for the groping, err, release! :D

  14. cotton says:

    oh man I have been on the edge of my seat since that bomb shell last week, thx alot.

  15. Grape says:

    Thanks for the release! :)

    Did anyone else notice Ako and Riko nee chan? Nice one guys, keep it up.

    • infinitywulf says:

      I paused it when they first showed up and thought the same thing.

      And “Fetishes are the first step to happiness!” XD Epic.

  16. Ry says:

    If you guys haven’t notice if you click the image you get an extra bonus.

  17. vaporeon200 says:

    Fap.. fap.. fap… I mean.. Thanks.. Fap.. fap… For.. the.. REEEELLEAASSEE~ XD

  18. Achilles says:

    You’re doing an amazing job. Fast release and the translation is AAA. Thank you.

  19. David says:

    LoL that is just awesome downloading the torrent as we speak.
    Translation is really good and love it But have 1 question : How does Baka-Chiki translate into chick-kun? or whats the meaning exactly… I know the translator was already pissed before but have to ask so anyone?

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