Mayo Chiki – 08


Also, a release~

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  1. Poop says:

    What the fuck Annie as tibbers and tibbers as annie xD

  2. Martin says:

    Ultra fast.

  3. JustSteven says:

    Nice thx! Btw they do plan on releasing that skin

  4. PiccoloPatt says:

    Thaanks~ :D

  5. Quattro says:

    See what you’ve done by posting that image MrDrSr?

  6. Andromeda says:

    That commercial reminded me of:

  7. Horo says:

    I must tip my hat to you for leaving that commercial in. :)

  8. DarkE says:

    +1, for the left in commercials. Awesome. Japanese commercials are the best :D

  9. Yaguar says:

    HoN > LoL

  10. Kenshin-dono says:


    DAMNIT what a shitty cliffhanger.. i litteraly yelled out loud when the credits started rolling after Subaru’s response to Jirou! I cant belive they would end it like that and then not give any hints as to the response to that in the preview.. waiting a week is gonna suck

  11. nobody says:

    Did anyone else notice Mirai-chan @ 10:11?

  12. urafaggot says:

    league of gaylords sucks ass, so does anyone who plays it, go buy urself a real game, douchebag

  13. Trife says:

    I have been to I don’t know how many anime websites trying to find ONE that was not subbed with john, Miss Smith, Salway, Kathy, etc. in it and everyone on those sites are all saying you all are responsible for this crap. So I ask you Please STOP changing their names if you can’t keep them to what their names are then don’t sub it.

    Feel free to check the comments on the countless anime sites everyone of them has tons of flames over this stunt. is but just one of the sites filled with flamers and saying WhyNot is responsible.

    P.S. Feel free to flame me if you wish I don’t care. But have a good argument if you do.

    • AsuraE says:

      You’re either retarded or new to the internet, either way I’ll explain this to you as if you have the mental capacity of a four year old. That was what is called a troll release. A troll release is something that happens when faggots complain about the smallest, most retarded things (in the case of Mayo Chiki, they wouldn’t shut up about Chick-kun, because they’re 10 years old and can’t see Chick-kun=Chickkun=Chicken).

      First, it’s your own fault for not being able to find a proper version because the real version was released in exactly the same places as the troll version. If you want to blame anyone, blame the people who upload to these anime sites for not taking down the troll version when they realised it was a troll and not uploading the real version in its place.

      Second, you stream anime, therefore your opinion counts for nothing.

      Third, if you weren’t retarded and didn’t stream, you would realise the tag for the release was “WhyYes”. Now let’s break that down. We’re WhyNot. You see, it’s a “Not”. The trollsub was “WhyYes”, with a “Yes”. Now, apart from trolling, can you think of any reason why a group would use a different tag for a single release? You can’t? Don’t worry, that isn’t because you’re retarded. It’s because there is none. (You’re still retarded for not realising this though.)

      Fourth, there were two, that’s right, TWO, subtitle tracks on the release. Once of them was “localised”, and the other was “unlocalised”. If you don’t know what that means, I suggest you find a two story building and jump head first. Maybe the hit on the head will fix whatever makes you so retarded.

      Fifth, since I don’t think I’ve made it clear that you’re a retard yet, the episode that was trolled was last weeks (i.e. episode 7). We haven’t trolled this week, and since most people have taken the hint and shut up about the localisation we aren’t planning to troll again.

      Finally, who the fuck are you to tell us what we can and can’t sub? Because unless you pays us to do work, you have absolutely no fucking say in what we do. It’s because of retards like you that we could pull another “stunt” like this in the future. If you want to take this up with us then get on irc and have a chat. The more you say the more evidence I can get that proves you’re a retard.

    • Ry says:

      You do also realized that there are some people who also supported it too right? Animu community not perfect ya know?

  14. Chris says:

    I’d apperciate it, and the staff from whynot probably as well, if jerks who don’t have a clue about what they’re talking about kept their big mouths shut.

    I’ve translated japanese to english for a long time now (visual novels) so I probably have translated way more lines than any anime TL and I worked with a lot of different other tl’s and editors and I tell you what, whynot TL is actually better than doki ;P

    There are basically (leaving aside idiots who think they’re good at japanese even though they are not) 3 general typs of translators.

    1. Native japanese with good english skills
    2. TL who’s neither native with english nor japanese (which includes myself)
    3. Native English with fluent japanese skills

    So, who do you think would make the best TL without editor? It’s 3!
    Native Japanese TL everything rather literal while English TL’s understand the meaning of what is said and put it into an english phrase that sounds natural.

    An example would be “iyasenai kizuato” , literally “scar that cannot heal”
    The “correct” interpretation would be, though it depends on context, would be something like “emotional scar/wounded heart”

    Doki sounds rather literal, which doesn’t sound right here and there in english. Usually it’s and editors job to change that into a different english phrase but I guess most editors just put the grammar right and remove typos…at least it seems that way.

    Also, I cannot understand why people think they understand japanese cause they watched some anime? It makes me so mad when people come around saying “Isnt x supposed to be y?” while bearing a smartass attitude

    The best was when some guy said “LOL enjokousai is compensated dating, how could u translate it so wrong?” when UTW released the first EP of Kamisama no memochou
    just epic

    You cant compare japanese to european languages. I dont know any spanish whats so ever. Give me spanish text and some time and I’ll give you a good german translation of it. Check google TL for a sec, german -> english -> spanish actually makes sense in 9 of 10 cases.

    Put a japanese phrase into google TL and in 99 out of 100 cases it will be rubbish. I put lines I translate into google sometimes to get a laugh of it…
    A line that was supposed to be “If a had pulled her down only a second later, she would have been turned into lumps of flesh” was “When you pull the stand in seconds it will be chopped to leberkäs” LOL

    Japanese involves a lot of interpretation and heavily depends on the context, involving kanji wordplay etc…translating japanese takes some serious effort, so you better ought to have a little more respect for the people who put their freetime into it without wanting anything in return…

  15. boingman says:

    Are you criticizing doki for a possible lack of a correct translation or for their decision to go the literal editing route?

    • AsuraE says:

      Sounds like he’s saying that their literal editing makes the translation sound unnatural and not fluent, which is pretty much what I saw when I tried to watch some Doki stuff.

      Even if something is a completely literal translation it can still be completely different from what the line actually meant. For example (I’ll have to use an English -> English example since I know jack all about Japanese), you can say something like “She’s as big as an elephant.” Now, this clearly means that “she” is extremely fat. But the literal view of this is that “she” is literally the size of an elephant, which sounds ridiculous and is completely wrong. This type of literal “editing” is what Doki (and a few other groups) use and is the main reason why there is so much hate for these groups.

      • Chris says:

        That’s the point, and due to japanese culture the meaning of literal translation isnt apparent in most of the cases.

        If I translated “She’s as big as an elephant” to german literally, just about anyone would understand it. In Japanese you got that kind of sentence, translate it to english and the english phrase implies something completeley different than said…

        And when it comes to kanji wordplay / simply wordplay……
        Let’s just say in those cases literal tl makes no sense at all and in a lot of cases it’s even impossible to find an equivalent in english. In some cases you have to disregard it completeley cause theres no way to translate it without making it sound really odd.

        手を引いてもいいんだぞ (te wo hiite mo iin da zo)

        Reply: いやいや、引き続き頑張ってくれ (iyaiya, hiki tsuzuki ganbatte kure)
        引く (hiku) has a lot of meanings, you can use it to say you’ll leave, withdraw
        One of the other meanings is “hit on a girl”

        So one character (first line) says “I guess I can go/leave then…”
        The other one replies “Oh no, give it your best shot and keep hitting on her”
        Technically the first line could’ve also mean that he’ll “withdraw” / stop hitting on her, for that the reason the second character is able to make a joke on it.

        Imho there’s no way to preserve that wordplay in english…

        • AsuraE says:

          There is a way to preserve wordplay, we did it with Chick-kun ;)

          • Chris says:

            Of course there is, what I said is that it’s not always possible. There are cases where you simply cannot preserve it, especially when you work on novels, since its not only spoken language, but pretty close to reading a japanese book, so the wordplays you find there are far more complex and subtle in most of the cases…

            Using chicken for bakachiki was a good choice imho(apparently some ppl here complained why it isnt stupid chicken). Stupid chicken would overdo it and is not what is meant in the japanese…

            I guess there’s no use pointing this out anyway, in the next release ppl will rage/qq anyways…

          • madharuhi says:

            There are times when literal TL is good though, it kinda makes things even funnier especially when I’m watching stuffs like Mayo Chiki. Weird sense of humor, I guess.

            I wouldn’t call “stupid chicken” totally wrong, but I agree it’s a little overdone there since it’s supposed to have a more… intimate (I don’t know if that’s the right word but whatever) feel to it.

            There are times when some fansubs overdo their TL though, making a wholly new meaning to the original sentence (I can’t remember a specific example, but I can say it’s not WhyNot?). Wordplay preservation taken a little too far.

  16. Chris says:

    You have to differentiate between “correct” and “good” translation. If I translated the lines in the novels literal, it’d cut the time I need per 1000 lines in more than half…
    It wouldnt make the translation wrong, but it wont be good. Speed at the cost of quality.

    I dont know why doki is doing what, they have a lot of different translators so the quality of subs for each show is pretty different. And as I said before, putting the meaning into fitting english phrases makes the translation a lot better, you won’t believe what we go through so that our work reaches the desired quality

  17. urafaggot says:

    ur all faggots, get a real life

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