Mayo Chiki – 07

We have a message from the translator for everyone.

[11:03] <&valerauko> I would just like to congratulate all the birdbrained faggots who still can’t figure out that chick-kun is a pun on the word chicken
[11:03] <&valerauko> Also my fellow “translators” who come to me complaining without knowing what the fuck is going on
[11:03] <&valerauko> Does this imply I’m raging hard?

tl;dr Stop being stupid faggots.

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63 Responses to Mayo Chiki – 07

  1. yes says:

    still surprised at how this show is managing to not suck

  2. PiccoloPatt says:

    Thaaaanks~! :D

  3. Midnightcoast says:

    I thought “chick-kun” as a nick-name was pretty amusing.

  4. shani says:

    yay! thanks!

  5. AyuReady says:

    On nyaa and baka updates, their is this strange WhyYes troll subs.

  6. you_mad says:

    is it troll day today?

  7. Anaeli says:

    So this is the other sub group responsible for Mayo Chiki… xD

    Nice job with the names.

  8. Mushyrulez says:

    So, who’s the mayo?

    • Force Gaia says:

      Mayo Chiki! is a conjunction of the full name of the light novel: Mayoeru Shitsuji to Chikin na Ore to

      it translates to “The Wavering Butler and Myself the Chicken”

  9. athos says:

    whynot become gg wannabe, right?

    • Because says:

      At least with this anime I can switch to Doki or Ayako and hope that at least one of those groups won’t become drooling morons at the slightest bit of criticism.

      • YouMadBro says:

        Yeap so true bro. So much crying in this group for a tad bit of criticism.

      • Quattro says:

        >Not already drooling morons
        ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

        • Force Gaia says:

          you don’t like doki? they’re some of the best subs i’ve found, even if they do leave a few things like bakachiki, there are worse crimes than leaving things that can’t be translated well (gg’s google translate job for one, or leaving things that do have a literal translation)
          and ayako aren’t THAT bad, there are better, but there sure are a lot worse out there

          • AsuraE says:

            >Best subs you’ve found
            >Thinking that a GG trollsub is real
            >Ayako aren’t that bad

            I… I… I just don’t know what to say. No, wait. I’ve got it.

            You’ve obviously only watched stuff from about four or five sub groups, seeing as you count Doki as the best. They just do slap jobs as fast as possible, leaving as much Japanese as possible in the translation to appeal to their audience (you know, those fat virgin 40 year-old neckbeards who live in their parents basement with a pillow that has their “waifu” printed on it).

            And you’re confirmed for shit taste if you haven’t seen a show that GG have non-troll subbed (even if they are trolls, they do have good taste on most things).

            I’ll agree with you on Ayako though. There are worse, but saying that they’re okay because there are worse subbers out there is like saying that a fat landwhale with every possible kind of acne is hittable if there’s someone worse next to her.

            And with that, I’ve cured my boredom.

  10. Fuckyou says:

    WhyNot kill yourselves?
    >I would just like to congratulate all the birdbrained faggots who still can’t figure out that chick-kun is a pun on the word chicken

    I was always fully aware of this fact. What you don’t understand, you humongous retard, is that the CHICKEN is the play on word on the character’s name Kinjirō Sakamachi = Chi-kin = Chicken, not “chick-kun”, that’s not what they say, why don’t you just use that, “chicken”, because THAT’S the joke, not your made up bullshit.

    • Zet says:

      Oh dear, someone certainly is raging hard.

    • Vale says:

      Your comment makes it obvious that you haven’t seen a single one of our Mayo Chiki subs. It’s lovely that people are coming to the website only to comment. WhyNot has truly grown. (Even if the comment in question is such a wonderful display of the immensity of human idiocy.)

    • asd says:

      Yeah it’s called shitty localization

    • Sake says:

      I like how you’re telling us where the name originated from when we’re the ones who fucking subbed the thing. You think we weren’t paying attention when basically your whole argument was spoken within the show that we were working on? Translation has and always will be interpretation.

      Oh, and fucking learn how to use periods. It’s like I’m watching you take a verbal shit on our blog.

    • Quattro says:

      >He doesn’t get that we translated a pun on a characters name as, YOU WA SHOCK, a pun.

      Also, we aren’t using it in place of when they call him chicken directly, but when Usami calls him “bakachiki.” Seriously, does anyone even watch this shit before complaining? Every complaint about this comes from some genius with little to no reading comprehension (or listening either).

  11. hey says:

    some subbing team changed the character names. Did you guys do that??

  12. Kenshin-dono says:

    fuckyou’s rant aside, it did kinda seem strange to me that in ep 06 you have Usami clearly calling him ‘baka chicken’ and you just just put it as chicken-kun.. shouldnt her nick name for him be stupid chicken?

    also found you translating takoyaki as ‘squid balls’ .. what? I’m 99.999% sure theyre octopus balls if you wanted to translate it. Thats what its tasted like every time ive eaten it and what ive been told it was. Thanks for subbing the show but those things really bugged me about ep 6. Im d.loading this epp at the moment

    • Quattro says:

      Lurk more. She calls him bakachiki, and we have it as “Chick-kun” (–> Chickkun –> Chicken = MIND BLOWN). There is no reason to want to see a direct equivalent to baka in the subs, when the pun fulfills that role perfectly.

      Seriously, do a bit of reading before making generic complaint comment #2343246.

      • Kenshin-dono says:

        ya thats your choice of translation i guess, but the fact remains she clearly says ‘baka’ and i think shes saying chicken not just chiki.. but whatever. No script means you cant double check

        Looks like you caught the squid/octopus thing though, thats cool. I also noticed an error at 16.42
        “what’s are you doing, you annoying rabbit?!”
        just a heads up on that one

        anyway sitting down to watch ep 7 right now. That preview of Subaru in a swimsuit was strange.. not sure how she plans to pass as a man like that o_O

        • Kenshin-dono says:

          just double checked the wiki and it even mentions that Usami’s nickname for him is ‘stupid chicken’ Though obviously wikipedia is not the end all fountain of accuracy

        • Quattro says:

          We have ccs and she is just saying bakachiki. Seriously, you can hear her say it… Is it that hard?

          Also, is there a need to have a direct English equivalent to “baka” in the nickname when calling him a chicken is an insult enough to fulfill the role that the “baka” plays?

    • Force Gaia says:

      well you’re right, do matter what they say, Takoyaki = Tako (octopus) + Yaki (to grill/fry)
      or grilled/fried octopus balls/dumplings

  13. Kiddo says:

    The new(english) names in subs are so irrating please fix it, the show with these names are unenjoyable. Read the comments here:

    no one like it!

  14. Thor says:

    So whats up with changeing the main characters name from jiro to john? Everyone calls him jiro

    • Thor says:

      Also suzuki to karen. Seriusly why sub something and change the names like this? You guys are worse than GG for trolling fansubs.

      • Thor says:

        actually never mind, In my retardation and range at the poor subs I forgot to see I downloaded whyyes fansubs a fake fansubber trying to pass them off as you guys. I appologise for my remakes.

        • Thor says:

          actually never mind, In my retardation and rage at the poor subs I forgot to see I downloaded whyyes fansubs, a fake fansubber trying to pass them off as you guys. I appologise for my remarks

          EDIT Fixed for spelling errors and grammar. Wish these box’s had a edit option. Or if I took time to preread shit lol.

          Anyways again sorry for the trouble and thanks for the subs.

  15. Kiddo says:

    SORRY GUYS! i made a mistake :( :(

    • AsuraE says:

      ‘Tis ok. At least you didn’t come onto the channel, be shown that, and then continue to make yourself look like a tard ;)

  16. the trooper says:

    >Stop being stupid faggots.

    >Anime community

    >Can’t be helped ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    Thanks for the release

  17. Yamui says:

    The Problem is: Chick-kun doesnt work. coz its “kun” like latin “kun” not like latin “ken”
    Japanese != English. Romaji are like Latin..

    so chick-kun is just a pun if ur japanese isnt good xD

    • Voice of Reason says:

      This. It doesn’t work at all. How is Chick-kun localization when you’re using a Japanese honorific? The pun doesn’t even make sense. She’s not just calling him a chicken. She’s calling him a STUPID chicken. And Kanade already called him Chicken-kun once.

      Seriously, I’m not sure why I’m bothering posting this because judging by this group’s other replies, they get immaturely defensive at the slightest bit of criticism. Criticism is meant to help you IMPROVE your translations. Instead of flinging insults left and right at everyone who disapproves of your decisions, how about making an attempt to better yourselves? As I hear it, even a member of your own group suggested “Birdbrain” as a localization for bakachiki. That is a far more sensible solution than “Chick-kun”.

      • AsuraE says:

        Finally some agrees with my idea :D But it’ll never happen because of people like you =_=

        This isn’t about taking criticism and “improving” our translations. The reason why it’s subbed this way is because of faggots who genuinely rage about this shit, so it’s been kept like this just to piss them off. The worst part is that it could’ve been changed if you people didn’t rage so much, but because you did and because everyone loled at how butthurt you guys are, it stayed the way it was.

      • Quattro says:

        We’re always looking to improve, but you obviously are missing the reason for Chick-kun being left in. It’s as AsuraE said, it has nothing to do with improving. We certainly like birdbrain as a localization of the pun, in fact I much prefer it, but that isn’t the point.

        It isn’t even about watching people get so butthurt, it’s that fansubbers never hear the end of shit like this (read: meaningless and minuscule), so we might as well do whatever the hell we please for once. We’re subbing it, so we decide. We are ALWAYS looking to improve and fix our mistakes, but seriously, lighten up people. It’s not the end of the world.

  18. D.A.W says:

    Having problems with the internal subs – MPC-HC isn’t displaying them. When extracted then used as External Subs everything is fine, but otherwise they arn’t being displayed.

  19. Yuuji says:

    I don’t know why you guys are complaining. The subs are perfect, he’s just having a bit more fun with his translations than literal translations. And having a bit fun with the names. Other than that, awesome subs.

  20. Phillangees says:

    Uhh… So… Yeah, thanks for translating this so I can understand it. I think it’s a funny show, and since I don’t speak/read a single bit of Japanese I’d have to guess that you’re doing a fine job.

  21. DontTrollME says:

    nvr sub this show again unless your goin to do it right. its subs like that that piss people the fuck off

  22. The End117 says:

    Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the work you guys put in for FREE fansubs. These douchers on here need to stop complaining and learn how to get a damn joke and if they can’t, go somewhere else, no one is forcing you to watch WhyNot subs. It’s not even a big deal and if your watching an anime that is subbed then hopefully like me you picked up on a few different words here or there. I am by no means calling myself an expert or even proficient in the language but if your iq isn’t zero or below you should be smart enough to figure it out. Then again I’m assuming that the masses on the internet are somewhat smart, and that in and of itself is pretty dumb because the majority of people on the internet are for all intents and purposes, stupid.

  23. pen says:

    LOL, good shit bitches. Good shit. You can have my babies. Next ep, name John Trolderp and Karen Bitchtits. Then I’ll cement myself deep inside you whores.

  24. pen says:

    That’ll be my donation AHHAHAA

  25. random guy B says:

    guy I would just like to say that I’ve been around for years, pre-GG, coalguys melt down, and it is great to see a group like this finally show up. You have easily filled a void left by eclipse in how you deal with your public, and your choices for translating. I’m proud to have found you and hope only the best in your future.

    thanks for the release.

  26. raidragon says:

    thanks for the release…….

    btw just for bragging like the guy above me, I’ve been around since your-mom and #lurk still exist

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