Mayo Chiki – 05

<&valerauko> HOLY SHIT
<&valerauko> this is total mindfuck
<&valerauko> the dodosuko dodosuko mayochunyuu is a reference to a net meme
<&valerauko> mfw

<~Quattro> also
<~Quattro> mention how we’re all faggots and couldn’t agree on what to do about the pun on Usami’s name

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42 Responses to Mayo Chiki – 05

  1. x says:

    It looks like shit! XD

    Kidding. Sorry. :-(

    Thanks! :-)

  2. tergx says:

    Yayy~ Thanks!

  3. Sum_of_Thunder says:

    Such speed and wit! You are without a doubt the WhyNottiest of all the WhyNots that ever WhyNotted.

    Or, you are the WhyNaughtiest of all the WhyNaughts that ever WhyNaughted.

    Or, you are the WhyKnottiest of all the WhyKnots.

    Or, you are the WhyNaughtiest of all the WhyNots.

    Or, ..hmm, this could take a while. I’ll have to get back to you.

  4. MCFan says:

    yay been refreshing the site every 30mins =)

  5. Kenshin-dono says:

    holy shit.. seriously? That was fast. I was actually checking if there was a new Nyanpire out and was disapointed to not see it, then noticed this.. didn’t this like, just air? Yeesh, you guys are crazy fast with this. Insane speed and decent quality. Great combo. Makes me wonder what youd churn out if you took your time on stuff

  6. StubbsiBoy says:

    Nyanpire, the fuck where?

  7. HerpD says:

    Why is the audio quality so fucking bad this week?

    • Quattro says:

      It’s no different than normal. What are you saying is so bad about it?

      • HerpD says:

        The sound is a lot more dull and washed out. Just switch between the op of the last episode and this episode and you should be able to tell fairly easily.

        • Quattro says:

          Might’ve been the capping settings, but we have no control over that. We’ll look into it.

          I have no clue.

          • HerpD says:

            I guess there is the chance it was the source itself. Seems to happen to at least a couple of series every season and for only one episode usually. Either that or somebody consistently fucks up every season for just one episode for no explicable reason.

          • Quattro says:

            It was the original audio, so yeah. Take that as you may. I’m no audio expert, so I can’t say much.

          • jacques says:

            someone setted –aac-is-sbr 1 in mmg for the audio.

            this wrong mux make the codec assumes the audio is aac-he and causes some bad quality for the upsampling to 96000hz (u can easy check this in mediainfo)

            here’s the patch:

            ps: check in the audio cutter script for this command and set it to 0.

          • Quattro says:

            That’s odd. We’ll fix this for the batch. Thanks for noticing.

  8. RAGE says:


  9. EvilDragon says:

    Huh… I get no subs from 4.00 – 4.17. How come?

    (Using MPC HC v1.4.2824.0 and K-Lite).

  10. EvilDragon says:

    Also, from 13.35 – 14.00. Looks like every time the moonspeak scrolls. Intentional?

  11. EvilDragon says:

    Scratch that. Was using unthemed subs, and positioning was way off. User error. Sorry. Thanks for the release, guys!

  12. scineram says:

    Why does it play at double speed? When I slow it down the sub laggggs.

    • Quattro says:

      It doesn’t.

      Few things to check…

      The CRC32, your playback setup, your settings, and if you actually have our release and not some re-encode (yes, that does happen lol).

      • scineram says:

        I installed the new CCCP and retained all the default settings that were working fine for years. Since then the same happened to two recent Subdesu releases. If it is the settings, what should I look for?

        • Quattro says:

          Check the playback help page at the top.

          First thing to do though is to check the CRC32. That’ll tell you if the download is corrupted or not.

  13. athos says:

    Why in the world would you translate baka chiki as Chick-kun!? If you had to translate it, use stupid chicken or just leave it as baka chiki.

  14. Mek says:

    Thanks for Mayo Chiki 5! That Dodosdos shit is hilarious!

  15. Namiro says:

    Any special reason why I can’t play this file in my Bdplayer? The episodes 1-4 played without problem. :\

    • Quattro says:

      Not a clue. We can’t help with that.

    • AsuraE says:

      Most hardware players will only support up to Level 4.1. Episodes 1-4 were encoded at Level 3.1 (these were most likely share raws, but I’m not involved in this show so I don’t know for sure) and episode 5 was encoded at Level 5.1. Hence why you can’t play episode 5 on you BD Player (which I find hilarious as my phone will play almost anything :P).

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