Mayo Chiki – 02


MrDrSr: So I thought this aired tonight at 1am my time. Turns out it was 1pm. And sleeping in till 3pm didn’t help. (屮゚Д゚)屮

That’s cause you’re a derp. Good thing he’s just distro~

Edit: So, after I released, I watched this and notice a few misspellings. Will be fixed for the batch, but not worthy of a patch yet.

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16 Responses to Mayo Chiki – 02

  1. Nuble says:

    loving the speed that you released ;) keep up the good work :P

  2. MikeN says:

    Thank you! The misspellings are understandable considering the release speed. Ohh…nice pic btw!:D

  3. Zatsumi says:

    Again, a great release. You got it out before Ayako, along with better quality subs. Also, I didn’t even notice the spelling errors, so they must not have been anything major. Keep it up, guys.

  4. raidragon says:


  5. wat says:

    lol shareraw

  6. harvey says:

    is this a 720p?

  7. incubus says:

    Would mind to update the video quality?
    It’d better in 1080p. :)
    Raw video link

  8. Pantsu says:

    Lovely pic there!
    Thanks for doing this.

  9. Nhan Lang says:

    Hi, I’m Nhân Lang from VNFS team of (http:\\, a site for
    Vietnamese community to share anime and manga, and all kinds of
    stuff related to that. I’m following your releases and i think they’re good. I want to use soft sub of series Mayo Chiki (1 2& 2) to translate into my language, Vietnamese, to share with other members.

    Could i have your permission, please?
    Please answer me as soon as you can.
    Thank you so much.

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