Mayo Chiki 01

After some (read: several) snags in what we were planning on working on, we settled on Mayo Chiki. Vale will be translating this one as well (Yuigg was going to, but decided to take the summer off). Next week will be a lot earlier because we’ll have actually planned on subbing it, and won’t have to wait or search for a raw. Also, it’s 6 am for me. Why do I keep doing that when I have work in a few hours…?

Some of the staff want to pick a series to do a CR edit, so you may or may not see that soon.

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10 Responses to Mayo Chiki 01

  1. Nyara♥ says:

    Very thanks for releasing this! The quality is very excelent =P, and I liked the show too~

  2. Sake says:

    I don’t usually speak up about the quality of the actual shows we do, but this one’s actually really good (judging from the first episode). I had a bit of trouble timing it because I just started watching instead of doing my job. Hope you guys like~

  3. Vale says:

    shut up. i stayed up until 5 am for nothing. next week we’ll rule tho.

  4. shin says:

    This is much better than the other one, thanks guys!

  5. Zatsumi says:

    The quality of this episode was really good. Also, the outlines on the subs looked very nice. Good job on this release, because the anime is hilarious.

  6. Ry says:

    Congrats on the B+ I think.

  7. Blackfist says:

    Code Geass pantsu version, fuck yeah. Oh damn I think he forget to command her something, or was there a telepathic command that she should arrange it so that she will live in his house?!
    Lelouch’s eye

  8. Pantsu says:

    Good job on doing this!
    Very funny first episode.

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