Mayo – 13 + Batch

When MrDrSr stops being afk, he’ll fancy this post up with a nice picture~ I was at work, dammit.

valerauko (TL) – SQUID BALLS.
RandomEntropy1 (Editor 7-13, timer 1-6) – Unintentionally leaving in this line made every bit of effort I’ve put into this show worth it.
Riktasi (Timer 7-13) –
NyanNyan (Timer 1-6) – One of the better shows to air recently. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already! Now’s the time, cause here’s the batch ^3^
Brine (Editor 1-6) – I would have to say that editing Mayo Chiki was a somewhat fun experience. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I liked it or anything.
Quattro (Typesetter, encoder when he wasn’t being lazy, backup editor) – Yeah, I stopped watching at ep 2…
Mirco22 (QC) – This show was totally awesome! Really loved working on it, especially since we were always rushing to get those ep’s out afap.
Was a bit disappointed with the ending though, so SEASON 2 PLEASE!
Kethry (QC) – Even until the end, I’ve not remembered when the show aired.


EDIT: Forgot to include 2v2 (someone reminded us that it needed fixing too). That’s the only change, so just recheck the batch torrent into the same folder you were downloading it to before.

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36 Responses to Mayo – 13 + Batch

  1. AsuraE says:

    I wasn’t invited to the party, but I have cake and rum so screw you guys =_=

  2. dainsleaf says:

    I see several v2 episodes there, what makes them different from v1?

  3. Black_Raven says:


  4. err.... says:

    What the fuck is with this episode? D:

    What happened to Subaru? :(

  5. anon says:

    I see you guys missed the typos in episode 2.

  6. Leveias says:

    Thanks for doing this. Btw who is the girl at 12:08, the one with the braids, I saw the Hidan no Aria and Kampfer but I don’t think I’ve seen that girl before.

  7. HanoFist says:

    I had to laugh at the Mirai Suenaga cameo appearances at the doujin sale. Also, thanks for the release.

  8. ShadowFox says:

    It was a very nice series thanks for doing it.
    But that ep 13 really gives off that “We Need a Season 2” feeling for me.
    It’s feels like the artists had some time and pencils left and kept ep 13 without a ending so yeah we need a Season 2

  9. Arjen says:

    Will you also do the Blu rays of this?

  10. Sam says:

    Weird last ep subaru stuff was fillerish and the focus was on glasses girl a bit unexpected ;o

  11. Hassy says:

    thx. Im glad that the last ep of this shit was Nakuru ep.

  12. Le Derp says:

    Hey, sorry for being a noob and stuff but what is with the “patches” link and how do i use it after downloading? Whats this stuff about?

  13. Le Derp says:

    Why the fuck would you end a series like that? That was very disappointing.
    Also thanks for the release. Reliable as always.

  14. Le Derp says:

    ahahahahah oh yeah also i lolled hardcore at the “Come at me bro!”. I know some people can bitch about stuff like that but honestly i love it and it was hilarious. I love you guys.

  15. smitheren123 says:


  16. Garbage says:

    Unless you’re commander’A, don’t say something like “stopped watching at episode 2,” you just sound like scum.

  17. inDEED says:

    In your downloads, how come there is two episode 7’s. Also, why do you have episode 13 there, and on this page? :/

    • AsuraE says:

      The first ep 7 in the list is the right one, no idea on why there’s a second and you’ll have to explain why you’re so confused about ep 13.

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