Madoka Movies DC Showing


Anyone else going to the viewing on Thursday in “DC” (more like Bethesda)?

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19 Responses to Madoka Movies DC Showing

  1. brokensaint058 says:

    I wish, you lucky people at least get some anime love. Belgium gets tho middle fingers when it comes to anything anime ralated. :(((((((((((((

    • Kaot1k says:

      Well there are some minor anime shit here in Belgium, but yea, Belgium sux about it, they’re running naruto in dutch dubs a while ago, I WANT MORE ANIME SHIT IN BELGIUM!!!!!

  2. kajunbowser says:

    I didn’t know about this. Hot damn, I’m there!

  3. Highway says:

    I thought about it, but it’s a long drive to spend 4 hours watching movies on a workday, so I’m gonna have to pass. Hope you guys enjoy it!

  4. Chizan says:

    Yeah I’ll be there, was either drive 1hr to Bethesda or 4hrs to Philadelphia to see it. Works for me lol.

  5. Chizan says:

    And first movie ended, yay intermission.

    • Quattro says:

      Just got home. My phone died around the intermission ;_;. Liked the movies. Where’d you sit in the theater?

      • Chizan says:

        In the middle toward the back. Was next to someone with a Kyubey hat on lol. Was worth going to see; would go again if I could.

        • Quattro says:

          I was in one of the back rows on the left side with a friend. I’m really glad I went. Didn’t really feel like they cut much of anything out, either. Loved the additions at the end though.

          • kajunbowser says:

            It was a great retrospective. Next time I see them will be on BD.

          • kajunbowser says:

            Damn, I was wondering where you were. Verizon sucks in that theater because I lose any data signal in there.

            Anyway, let me know if you’re going to Katsucon. I’ll probably be the only big black dude in there wearing a Kangol cap. If so, I should be easy to find.

          • Quattro says:

            I go every year. Got new manga to buy in bulk~

            In fact, there’s probably a post about it for the last two years even lol.

  6. Animu says:

    I really hope someone will sub and make the movies available for download when there released in Japan. Because all us poor Europeans want to see the movies too.

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