Level E – 10

Find me and get a cookie. :D

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20 Responses to Level E – 10

  1. EpicNaruto says:

    Found you. NOW WHERE’S MY COOKIE?

  2. David says:

    Are you the fat dude wearing the green shirt that is laying down?

  3. Mirco22 says:

    Epic is a cheater! :P

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  5. Sake says:

    Nurse Akali. Am I right? Or am I right?

  6. Marina says:

    Thanks for the release…and uh…no idea on which one in the pic D:

  7. Senna says:

    The man at the table in the background on the far right side of the photo :P

  8. MasterShadow says:

    Brolaf, White hat in the back or Singed? That Evelyn needs to not do Eve again… Ever.

    Real guess would be Ryze tho, since hes/your in the other pics I saw on the side.

    • MrDrSr says:

      Singed is actually a friend I went with, as well as one of the Ezreals and the Tristana. And no, I’m not Uncle Ryze.

  9. pocky says:

    woot league of legends lol

  10. uuurrrruuu says:

    Will you do a v2 of this? Lot’s of issues in this one, like suddenly zooming in and such.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      That is not something we can do anything about. The zooming in and out are before and after commercials. The ts had a border on the left and bottom sides with news (for obvious reasons) and we had to crop them. The video would either resize to full screen or back to the bordered so we had no choice. Originally I was working on cropping it frame by frame in order to make it so that it didn’t resize but that was really tedious to get the crops right.

      I doubt a non fucked up ts will ever show up for it so no, we won’t be v2ing most likely.

  11. Yoshi says:

    You’re the blue-skinned one! But why did you go as yourself instead of dressing up of putting on some make-up?

    btw, what’s up with Dragon Crisis?

  12. Florp says:

    You’re the guy snapping the picture. I know I’m right, I can feel it.

  13. moha2 says:

    when is 11 out :(?

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