Level E – 01

Level E -

<~Yoki> we really need someone to help out with song translations
<~Yoki> even if that’s all they can do

Alsø, this is a CR edit. We decided to pick this up because it deserves better quality than a CR stream rip. Episode two will be released when we get a ts for it.

We have v2ed this already because we had two people offer the OP/ED lyrics to use after we released. Thanks for the OP/ED goes out to Puff-kun and Koby.

Level E – 01v2

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  1. Lockon says:

    uhm… are you guys still going to sub Dragon Crisis! episode 2? :3

  2. random says:

    Oh good. CR did a terrible job on the first episode of this show; glad you’ll be fixing their mistakes.

  3. Koby says:

    EDIT: So uh, butthurt happened while I was busy. To both of you, take it elsewhere -_-.

    EDIT: Apparently he didn’t do this himself ┐( ̄— ̄)┌. Or did he? We may never know.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Wow, thank you for the lyrics! We had just gotten them from someone else also so we’ll use them to check each other. We really appreciate all the help! Our TL can’t (or won’t, not sure) do songs so we are left with no one to do them.

  4. Coder says:

    Thank you guys! This show really needed a good release!

  5. blueskyy says:

    Please remove Koby’s comment. He did not work on that translation, I did. It’s used here:


    Thank you.

    ps: This one is without the link, in case the moderation queue was not set up for notification.

  6. Koby says:

    I spent a lot of work on it, and for my work to be called stolen? I think not.
    If anyone stole anything, it’d be the other way around.

  7. Koby says:

    Alright, just downloaded that liars release via nyaatorrents. Very similar indeed in English translation, pretty much identical! The timing is a little different for some of the lines though. For some reason he has his romaji and his English not even timed in-sync with each other. He does have kanji (which I don’t ever add kanji to my releases since it’s for English people) though.

    Seriously though, that guy is clearly bullshitting, and he needs to learn to typeset and time apparently. I’ve worked for various fansub groups, and any of them could vouch for the reliability of my work. If you want, I can even k-time for any future releases you need help with. You got my email address from this post and my forum address which you can reach me at.

  8. blueskyy says:

    Koby, you liar. You just extracted my English translation and Romaji lyrics! The Romaji and English are both based on the Kanji lyrics. So if the Kanji is different from the “official” lyrics, the Romajji and English reflected that as well. You COPYed my work verbatim, even the “mistakes” as well! And you have the audacity here to cry innocent?

    And you are complaining about our typesetting and timing? Are you trying to change the subject? We prefer to keep the typesetting simple and clean for softsubbing (that’s how you stole it). As for timing, I didn’t notice anything wrong at the time I watched it. Challenge, give me the exact line where it’s off; and I will report it to the relevant personals.

  9. blueskyy says:


    Please remove that comment with the lyrics. I really don’t appreciate having my work under somebody elses name.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      I don’t see a reason to remove it. I have no way to figure out who actually did the lyrics and I left a note at the bottom of the comment if anyone cares enough to check.

      Either way, we didn’t use these lyrics because someone else gave us the lyrics before these were posted.

    • Koby says:

      No need to remove MY work because some liar wants to make false claims to it. I’ve uploaded the full script and fonts for this the other day and posted it on 5 forums I go to who are uploading CrunchySub’s releases.

      blueskyy, grow up. People like you are the ones ruining the fansub community. All the pointless and false bickering, complaining, and trolling.

      Also instead of getting me to do your work for you, try taking a look at the release you claim your own. The timing is definitely off between the English, Kanji, and Romaji which should ALL be timed the same.

      Bitch and lie all you want about me, I’m well enough known that the people that matter will simply laugh at you about it. I’ve been doing karaoke and giving it to people for the past 4 years, along side actually working for respectable and worthwhile fansub groups.

  10. Koby says:

    Sorry Why Not Fansubs that trolls have to be trolls.
    I’ll try to quit wasting my time by not replying to such trolls anymore.

    The script I posted was my OWN work, and it’s crap that people try to troll, but nothing we can do about it. I guess from now on I’ll have to simply send my work to groups who need it privately rather than comments to prevent crap like this happening.

    To anyone reading this and might have a use for it, here is the script and fonts I talked about that I uploaded and posted on the places i visit: http://www.mediafire.com/?9b9opqcaocvlde4

  11. blueskyy says:

    Did you actually TRANSLATED it YOURSELF? Where else have you posted your translation? Is it before the date we made our release?

    You know, editing my translation and “typesetting” it yourself doesn’t make it yours to give away!

    BTW Koby, you failed the challenge that I issued.

    This Koby guy did not explain himself like I did, and you still think he did the translation? Ask your translator to check the translation/romaji against the Kanji. I can point out a few parts that I am not exactly comfortable with, those parts that I’ve used very liberal translation, and those parts that aren’t exactly correct. Can he?

    Since you’re short of translator for openings and closings, why not ask Koby here to do a few for you, since he volunteer earlier? See it for yourself…


    Now, Koby has even posted on the torrent page that we are troll? Has he got no shame. We are the first to release the lyrics with the translation; and we provide annotations to the onscreen text not found anywhere else. All original work. And we made it clear that we use the subs from Crunchyroll (because I don’t have the time and didn’t see the need to do any editing). How is that trolling.

  12. Koby says:

    No I didn’t do the translation myself for this one in particular by myself. I looked it up on the ‘internet’. I have done translations for OP & ED from Kanji, but I do not have the Kanji for this yet to have done it. The timing and typesetting was done by me. None of my script came from ‘yours’. The date on your torrent is today. Well my script was out yesterday. A day before yours was released.

    I posted it here “http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=11812” 3 hours before the time your torrent states.

    At your so called ‘challenge’. Like I said, I’m not going to do your work for you. It’s easy enough for you to check line per line of the ED and see that several lines do not have the correct timing between them. Hence why I said you should learn2time.

    @EpicNaruto, if it’ll shut this guy up, go ahead and remove the comment with the script. You don’t need it anyways, and chances are anyone who sees it here anyways will be getting your release and won’t need it.

  13. blueskyy says:

    [quote]“No I didn’t do the translation myself for this one in particular by myself. I looked it up on the ‘internet’.”[/quote]

    By saying that, are you not admitting that you stole my work, not knowing that it’s my work?

    And 3 hours is not enough evidence that you “posted” first because we all know timezone is different.

    My friend did the timing, not that it matters. Well, we all know that sometimes, if we accidentally hit the enter key, it changed the timing a bit. As long as it not more than 1 second, it’s good enough for softsoft (as well as hardsub)

    Now that the liar has own up, can we please have that comment removed?

    • Koby says:

      I never lied about anything nor did I ‘own up’ as you so put it. I give proof that my script was out first and you simply write it off as timezone differences. I’m pretty sure nyaa also is displaying the torrent time in my timezone, meaning both times are in my timezone and therefore really is a 3 hour difference.

      I’d appreciate it if you stopped calling me something when I have proved otherwise.

    • blueskyy says:

      Nyaa timezone is GMT+0. It isn’t your computer time, unless you’re in the same timezone.

      • Koby says:

        If that is true, and it’s posted at GMT+0, then it means your torrent was up about 3 hours prior as I am in GMT-6.

        So I guess my post wasn’t early enough to prove my point after all, but the script was done and completed by me a good half a day before I got around to posting it, so while I cannot prove this to be true, I know it didn’t come from yours and also that mine was done before yours was even released as well.

        I already said earlier ‘@EpicNaruto, if it’ll shut this guy up, go ahead and remove the comment with the script. You don’t need it anyways, and chances are anyone who sees it here anyways will be getting your release and won’t need it.’ So maybe he will when he sees it.

      • blueskyy says:

        I try to let you off easy, but you kept coming back…

        Okay, where EXACTLY on the internet did you get your translation from?

        Since you got it from somewhere else, in what position are you to say (and now posting eveywhere else) that it wasn’t my work (translation)?

    • blueskyy says:

      And it’s timestamped according to the server time.

  14. blueskyy says:

    When I say, not more than 1 second, I meant “obviously noticeable”.

  15. EpicNaruto says:

    HOLY SHIT. I go away to laugh at funimation simulcast dorama and come back to find this on the site lol. So uh, maybe you both did the same thing around the same time with a similar end result? No? I tried. Back to Fist of the North Star for me.

  16. Jyasuten says:

    Oh man this group must be AMAZING look at the drama!

  17. Senna says:

    Awesome release ’cause I had a part in it ^^ (editor’s pride) XD

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