Kowarekake no Orgel

So out of nowhere here’s the groups first blu-ray release: Kowarekake no Orgel. The episode itself is a 30 minute long doujin that has one of the best stories I’ve seen in any recent anime. Seriously, it does what most TV series can’t do in 13 or 26 episodes. Definitely worth watching.

[WhyNot] Kowarekake no Orgel [BD 1080p FLAC][F46ED00B].mkv

[WhyNot] Kowarekake no Orgel [BD 720p AAC][C50C828B].mkv

[WhyNot] Kowarekake no Orgel – Sidestory [BD 1080p FLAC][D5E24B33].mkv

[WhyNot] Kowarekake no Orgel – Sidestory [BD 720p AAC][A0368597].mkv

Original Translation: Clover Subs, DGz
Editing/Retiming/Typesetting/Styling/Encoding/QC: AsuraE
Editing/QC: Quattro

Quattro edit: All thanks go to AsuraE on this one. He took this one upon himself and it looks great.

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11 Responses to Kowarekake no Orgel

  1. Megiddo says:

    Thanks a bunch for the BluRay release.

    If you liked the story in this then I’d recommend the game “Planetarian” by Key/Visual Arts as that has a very similar feel to this show as well.

  2. Mr.T says:

    Gonna try.
    Btw, could you explain relations between this, the ova and the movie?

  3. Dez says:

    You credit Clover but not DGz?

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Just hasn’t been edited in yet. Been a tad busy…

      Still wish our TL would have done it for us but when he’s not interested, he’s not interested ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌.

  4. hemivision says:

    Thanks alot guys for doing the bd of this show, really got to learn how to redo subs myself.
    Happy New Year!!

  5. MrDrSr says:

    I told you I’d get it up on BakaBT, Epic. Its new years, so give me a day or so. >_>

  6. Ahinigami says:

    Thanks for subbing this sweet anime ^_^.

    Hope to see more quality blu-ray translation from you guys again~

  7. M@ye says:

    Nice watch.

  8. junex says:

    can anyone help reseed the 720p ver?..thanks

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