Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – 04

This show has almost nothing to do with chocolate. I am disappoint.

<~Quattro> Delays this weekend brought to you by Otakon.

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10 Responses to Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – 04

  1. anonymous says:

    What did that line in the reforms say?

    • gunblazer says:

      I know right? Anyways the the bold red text at the top is spelled in katakana so I can read that: ‘Bullying.’ I think that’s the very least anyone needs to read the context of the scenes being shown at the time. Be right back, gonna download someone else’s subs to see if anyone else actually translated it.

    • Congeal says:

      First time: the Low-Income Scholarship students are being bullied and dropping out.
      And for the other one: the LIS program is being abolished and changed to a regular scholarship.

      We really need more typesetters.

  2. Hassy says:

    finally the episode is out yay \o/

  3. Auro says:

    Doesn’t this get moved out like 3 or 4 weeks after this to make room for the Olympics?

  4. Kuroi says:

    When will the next episode release?

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