Katsucon 18

I went to this last year while we were subbing Freezing (and have been going for a few years), so I figured I’d make a post about it. I’ll be going again this year, and might try subbing Mouretsu while I’m there Saturday (I’ll actually have the same laptop and backpack in the picture from last year).

Anyone planning on going? If so, leave a comment~


What panels and showings peek your interest?

Stuff I may attend on Friday (not much going on):

Legend of the Legendary Heroes Premier
Princess Jellyfish Premier w/ Q&A
Fanthropology: Behind the Study of Fandom

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6 Responses to Katsucon 18

  1. Freeza says:

    what happened to eps 1-17?

  2. sandoe41 says:

    Legend of the Legendary Heroes Premier: is this about a season 2?

  3. SirusRiddler says:

    Was the Fanthropology panel run by Charles Dunbar? He was at Anime Next last year and did the same panel along with the Kowai one (which I ended up not going to because the people around me were pissing me off).

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