Katsucon 18 – Saturday plans

Guess no one who follows the blog is attending, but that’s cool. I’ll spam about it anyway.

Saturday panels I may attend (not much going on again…):

Joseph Campbell Sends Out Mew: Pokemon as Mythic Narrative (what can I say, I’m a mythology nerd; I saw “Joseph Campbell” and was sold).
We Con, Therefore We Are: A Critical Look at the Modern Congoer
Anime Old Geezer Panel
Kowai: Yurei, Yokai and Scary Japan
Analyzing Anime 101

Also, what the fuck is with this “Homestruck” shit I keep seeing? Must be some new fad or something.

Luckily I escaped today without blowing all my money on stuff though (figs, gunpla, manga), so I can wait for prices to drop tomorrow and Sunday (hopefully).

Oh, anyone interested in a livestream while I work on Mouretsu tomorrow at the con?

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