Kaminomi 2

Sorry that it’s a bit late but hey, it’s a lot to typeset -_-… We could really use a dedicated typesetter for instances like this one (especially for this show every week lol). So if you are interested, please drop by the IRC channel or send an email to WhyNot.doesntexist@gmail.com! Enjoy~

EDIT2: Here it is!
EDIT3: Or not.
EDIT4: For real this time? We sure hope so.

The World God Only Knows – 02v2
v2 Patch

And for those of you who happened to patch to the other super secret never happened v2… Here is the patch from that to the new, real v2.
This never happened patch

Quattro EDIT: Shit got messed up during the final mux for some reason… Fixing it now. The problem is NOT with the video but something went wrong with the final muxing (my bad…).

Seriously, we will try and keep the v2s to a minimum from now on (do a better job of it at least lol).

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10 Responses to Kaminomi 2

  1. JR says:

    There seems to be a few problems with this release.

    So far, the OP karaoke skipped a few lines and one line was just repeating for a bit

    and there have been times where the video skips, possibly due to a bad raw or bad encode (1:49-1:50)

    • EpicNaruto says:

      I don’t know how or when the OP got screwed up but it sure did. I was sure I checked it a few times… Also, I just noticed the skips too. They weren’t in the raw or the encode actually and I have no idea where they came from. We are looking into it now.

  2. Ad says:

    At around 2:36 you can see the audio seems to be off sync a bit on the v2. Especially can be seen when Elsea speaks. Seems to be the same way in v1 also. You can see a bit of lag in the v1 as the video starts too. The video pixelating seems to be fixed in v2 though.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Dammit, how does this keep happening… Just forget that v2 lol. We’ll get a new one up asap.

      • Ad says:

        When it rains, it pours. At least that’s what they say. :P

        • EpicNaruto says:

          Sure as hell does… I was caught in the rain the other day on campus. It decided to rain like it was just trying to get me drenched when there was no cover. Mission was successful too >_>. v2 patch and torrent are up and check out this time. Sorry for all the trouble…

          • Ad says:

            That scene looks good now. Third time’s a charm I guess. Thanks for the release.
            No need for apologies you’re the one supplying me with the subbed anime for free afterall.
            You clearly needed one of these for that random rain! http://www.imprintitems.com/custom/spl/5677288

          • EpicNaruto says:

            lol Yeah but I left it at home when I moved out so… ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

            Thanks for being so patient while we got things fixed up and still sticking with us! We are still a new group and getting everything all straightened out so hopefully everything will just get smoother as we go.

  3. charlie says:

    cool, could you guys release the ass script as well? It’s not like I couldn’t get it from the mkv is just that’s a few Kb download versus a 300Mb one and I already got a raw…

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