Kagewani – Batch

[WhyNot-Migoto] Kagewani - 01 [720p][7A77DB82].mkv_snapshot_00.06_[2015.10.11_15.34.55]

Took long enough, right? Yami Shibai 3 batch soonish too. And we’ll start Kagewani S2 eventually as well.


Spoiler for Kagewani
Editor: Quattro
Timer: RTM
Typesetter: Hybrid21, Quattro
Encoder: RTM
QC: Quattro
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19 Responses to Kagewani – Batch

  1. Enamelthyst says:

    Best Mother’s Day present ever.

  2. GL says:

    Thanks for subbing this. Is there a patch file for the first two eps?

    • Quattro says:

      While I can’t deny that, all that’s left are a few signs in ep 13 and to translate the extra dialogue in this weird alternate audio version for episode 2.

  3. kiideny says:

    Any news about Garo?

  4. anon says:

    How about UtaPri? XD

  5. MantasB says:

    1v2 and 2v2 – the only change is new encode?

  6. shinBudokai says:

    Thank you

  7. Charles says:

    Hey! Thank you for staying alive!
    Question, will the ddl or xdcc come back? it’s been a few days since both went down… That’s the only way i have to download your stuff :(

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