Itsuka – 11

He deserves it.

<&RandomEntropy1> Used a share raw this week because our usual encoder for this show was absent and the audio from TV Saitama is pretty fucked up anyway. We may try to v2 it at some point if we can get a ts for this ep that’s not from TV Saitama. That’s a negatory~ You’re a negatory. Pshhh, you know it won’t happen, so why get their hopes up? All the raws/ts are from TVS normally anyway.

In unrelated news: Macs suck. <-- That they do. Edit: Quattro forgot to mux one of the typeset’s font, derp. Will be fixed for the batch.

Re-Edit: v2 patch here.

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6 Responses to Itsuka – 11

  1. bautrey says:

    Yes, Macs suck

  2. macxxx007 says:

    YAY! Thanks for the episode!

    and yes… Macs suck… they suck SOOOOOO bad!

  3. CampingHero says:

    Ah can you gimme the xdelta command for the patchin for nix users? i don’t know where to find them

    • MrDrSr says:

      It’s the same as on windows. Install xdelta3 if you haven’t already, and open up the .bat file in vim or gEdit or something. Copy/pasta the first line to a terminal where you’ve cd’d into the correct directory.

      Or just type this: xdelta3 -d v2patch.xdelta

  4. CampingHero says:

    Ok forget it the gals from gg have postet a very good guide for baks of the kingdom

  5. Keiichi says:

    will he ever grow a par tired of taito being a walking punching bag

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