Itsuka – 07

After QCing this I’m reminded why I don’t watch this show.

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15 Responses to Itsuka – 07

  1. reaper says:

    What’s with the Michael Jackson getup in that pic? XD

  2. Totony says:

    > Don’t watch this show
    WHAT ?

  3. Windridge says:

    is that hazama from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift?

  4. macxxx007 says:


  5. Jack says:

    Fuck you, MrDrSr!

  6. TugaFan says:

    Thanks allot for release this show!!!
    Great work!!

  7. Kenshin-dono says:

    I lol’d at the comment by MrDrSr that he doesn’t watch the show. I only watched 2 before i said meh to this series. It was pretty friggin bad. Maybe i’ll give it another couple epps or something at some point, but i doubt it

  8. VanillaMoon says:

    I am only watchining it for the sake of not dropping another series. XD
    Thanks for the epi… ^^

    • IDontExist says:

      Almost same here xD!
      I was hoping the series to get interesting again , and its also like.. since i already watch all the way till this ep why dont I just finish it just to know how it end.

  9. johndmes says:

    Um – Any idea when you’ll release 8, or did you drop this series? I ask since Derp already released episode 9…

    • AsuraE says:

      Have you missed the all the posts about how there was this hurricane? And how it fucked up everyone’s schedule? And how a bunch of people lost power for hours and hours? What about all the posts that said “Itsuka is being worked on”? And why would someone else already releasing an episode have anything to do with us dropping it? Seriously, think before you comment.

      Also, since you’re asking for an eta on a project I have to tell you to go anally fist yourself (it’s a thing I’m doing ’cause a lot of tards have been asking for etas lately and all it does is distract us from actually working on shit).

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