Irresponsible Captain Tylor – BDMVs for Disks 5-10 wanted

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned this series. Disks 3-4 (episodes 13-24) are encoded and will be done soon™ (next week or two probably). The problem starts there. I’ve been trying to download disks 5-10 from share/pd for months now with no real luck. PD only has some of the rar parts, but it actually downloads them. Share has all of the rar parts, but I get no speed at all from some. It’s quite a pickle.

If anyone has the bdmv for Irresponsible Captain Tylor disk 5-10, please contact me. If you happen to own the BDs, please contact me too. If you know where I can get the bdmv for it that isn’t share/pd, please let me know as well.

Update: Welp, nothing. Guess I’m using the best raws I can find for the rest.

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28 Responses to Irresponsible Captain Tylor – BDMVs for Disks 5-10 wanted

  1. ya boy says:

    Glad to hear you are still working on this!

  2. H_B says:

    Wow, already a year since Poyopoyo release. Still motivated just enough to not drop it?

  3. Agui says:

    No BD to offer, but just wanted you to know that I appreciate that you haven’t cast this aside. You guys introduced me to a great series I never would have come upon myself.

    • Quattro says:

      Well, if I can’t get the BDMV to run my own encodes, I’m going to resort to using zero-raws for the last 2 episodes, the OVA, and the movies. Better than leaving it unfinished.

  4. Harlock says:

    Just curious if you were still planning to finish Tylor? The quality of the first twelve are outstanding!

  5. CitiZen says:

    Any update on this? Can’t find the OVA’s ANYWHERE. =/
    You’re doing great work so far, so thanks, as well!

  6. Fractal says:

    I don’t have the BD releases but I do have the most recent dvd releases of the series and OVA if you would like to finish it off.

    • Quattro says:

      There is already a decent DVD release. It’s not stalled due to a lack of BD, but because I’m busy with a million other projects. It’ll happen one day for sure though.

  7. Calahan says:

    Just a quick note to say thank you for your work on these BD’s. Much appreciated. And hope that one day you’ll find time to finish it. Thanks again.

  8. Six says:


    I know it’s been a long time since this series has been touched but I was wondering where this project was sitting? (apart from dead in the water) As far as I can tell you have released up to episode 12 but in this post you seem to mention having 13 to 24 in the pipeline.

    I would greatly like to hear back from you about this, as I am interested in seeing if I can help push this project along.


    • Quattro says:

      No change. This is my solo project so it trends to take a backseat to other stuff, but I will definitely finish it. Rest assured on that.

      • Six says:

        I have a freind in Japan who can organise a physical copy of the BD boxset. It will cost, but I imagine if the price was split or further divided it wouldn’t be so bad, still in triple figures though. I can’t find any mention of ICT being slated for a western BD release.

  9. Gibari says:

    I hope this gets finished one day.

  10. dk08 says:

    Would be cool if maybe in the year 2015 it would be finished
    hope to see it bro
    i love your release of old classic animes in bd quality ^ ^

  11. lemarkg says:

    I hope this year 2015 the series will be finished. Great quality/release!!

  12. robert dowl says:

    Eagerly awaiting

  13. Doctor X says:


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