Hyouge Mono

Fuck this. It’s about time Hyouge Mono got some love.

Therefore, I will make this offer. While we don’t really have any available translators, if someone is willing and able to, please contact me (if not, I’ll attempt to incessantly pester vale or Rekyu into doing a few a month or split the work somehow). I don’t care if we do this one episode a week (or maybe a few a month), but I just want to see it completed (we’d start at episode 15, where Huzzah left off). I’m also willing to accept help on this project from other groups or group members if they want to (assuming you can be of help). It doesn’t necessarily have to be released as WhyNot if this turns into a collaboration either, since this is really just because I want to watch this show myself in the end. We basically have everything except a translator to work on it though.

Also, please contact me if you happen to have the BDMV for this. I do have TV raws, but the BD would be much preferred. All but the last BD box is out, but nothing is on share/pd

tl;dr If you want to see Hyouge Mono sometime this decade, contact me and we’ll try to make it happen.

This post will remain stickied, so don’t expect random update posts. Things will move forward when they do, so don’t really expect to see a report on every little development. I won’t let this project die before it even starts, so just sit tight and wait for something good to happen eventually.

Update: And the Anon who offered to translate disappeared. Back to begging translators.
No longer needed it seems. I tried. Enjoy the subs. I’ll resurrect this if it comes to that again, but let’s hope it doesn’t.

Also, for anyone who wants it – 乙 – cro-magnon × Hyouge Mono

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  1. anon says:

    You know what else deserves some love?
    Shinning Hearts.

  2. Merushi says:

    My dick deserves some love as well, but that ain’t happening anytime soon either.

  3. Amagi says:

    I fucking love you.

  4. Mushyrulez says:

    Good luck finding a person with Hyouge Mono-tier Japanese.

    p.s. if you guys really manage to do this I’ll love you forever

  5. God help us says:

    If I could help I would…So I’ll send you positive energy waves.

  6. Jigamut says:

    Don’t worry your pretty little head. Pappa will take care of this, now where’s that google translator…….

  7. Brosky says:

    Hey, Huzzah ahsn’t given up yet – check his new updates. But I’m sure he would appreciate some help.

    • Quattro says:

      >hasn’t given up
      Same thing. It’ll never get done and what does it matter if he “hasn’t given up yet”? We’ll do it ourselves to ensure it gets done. And I’ve offered to help before, but he refused to replace anyone on the project, so I’m doing this.

  8. Qrius says:

    Hyouge Mono with rainbow karaoke? This gonna be fun…

  9. required says:

    True love only exists in 2D. ^^

  10. Reply says:


  11. BowlMan says:

    Fuck yeah. I hope you’ll be keeping the ‘ye ol’ english’ style as well if this works out. It’s what made Hyouge Mono so great.

    • Adam says:

      Most the time the old English translations were shit. For example: “The heavens behold my eyes”

      That doesn’t even make sense!

  12. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Actually, the English archaisms used by Huzzah for Hyouge Mono were pretty much shit about 80% of the time. Throwing “forsooth” and “methinks” into an English sentence doesn’t make it accurately Archaic any more than throwing “de arimasu” into a Japanese sentence does. If you want to know how *genuine*-sounding Olde English sentences sound, read ‘Le Morte d’Arthur’ by Malory (don’t worry: it’s in English, not French). At least you’ll get the placement of all the “forsooths” and “methinks” correct…

    • Quattro says:

      I’m not very accustomed to old English myself, but if anyone who is wants to help, I’d appreciate it.

      • Fred C. Dobbs says:

        I’m not really familiar with the subbing process (beyond knowing that there are steps such as Translation, Timing, Typesetting, Quality-Control, Etc.): is there a Text Script of the translation which could be e-mailed for editorial suggestions? If so, I would be happy to archa-ify it for you and e-mail it back on a weekly basis.

        Actually, it’s not that hard if you’re acquainted with works like Le Morte d’Arthur or the Original King James Bible. Eg:

        M’Lord hath greatly desired the olden Tea Set, but verily he hath beshat himself as a warrior!


        And then they did engage in passage of arms, and Sir Tom did brast his lance upon the shield of Sir Dick, and then did Sir Harry brast his lance asunder upon the shield of Sir Tom…


        “Wherefore dost thou seek to purloin the Divine Tea Service of the Gods, when thou art such a scoundrel, and a blackguard, and a rogue amongst men?”


  13. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    & Oh yeah: may the God of Anime (Anime no Kamisama) bless you, forsooth, for finishing this worthy series! (At least, methinks it ought be so.)

  14. mononoke hime says:

    Better idea: why not just bombard CR with requests for a streamcast. I’m sure if enough of us pester them, they’ll show it just so we don’t anonymous their site.

  15. Yuu says:

    You know what else deserves some love?
    Hamtaro !!! HAMTARO!!!

  16. infinitywulf says:

    Seeing someone else wanting to give Hyouge Mono some love makes me happy. I wish you the best of luck in finding a translator for this very much overlooked series since I totally want to get my tea face on more often. :)

  17. some /a/non says:

    I could be the translator. This would be my first experience with fansubbing/scanlating and I think that I might have some trouble with writing quality dialog in English, but my Japanese is definitely up to the task. I haven’t been following the show, so I’m currently trying to catch up by reading the manga. Anyway, shoot me an email if you’re interested.

    • Quattro says:

      Absolutely interested. Know how to use IRC?

      If not, just use this http://whynotsubs.com/irc/ and pester me (Quattro).

      • Fred C. Dobbs says:

        Dude! If your English skills are reflected by the above post, then you are *excellently* well-qualified! Perfect spelling, perfect grammar, and perfect punctuation: kudos!

        Here is a precept which can be appreciated in both Anglo and Japanese cultures: “Precise language reflects precise thought.”

        • Fred C. Dobbs says:

          (But apparently, Precise Dhrugs reflect Precise Posting: that was supposed to be a reply to ‘some /a/non’, above…)


  18. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    And . . . Huzzah has chosen to run away like a whipped dog.

    (Why am I not surprised?)

  19. Mil says:

    YAY PLS PLS PLS sub this i will love !

  20. Reason says:

    Do eet… please!!!

  21. Syrusthered says:

    I’m all for this project, thank you very much.

    I’m going to up a torrent of the first 14 episodes (subbed by Huzzah) for any who want to “catch up” to where this will take off from. I don’t think the original torrents have any seeds left.

    Time to brew some tea.

  22. fuck yes says:


  23. poop says:

    One thing, just one very important thing.

    Please put the original OP musical score (Bowl Man) that was “removed” because of SHAMFUR DISPRAY back into the Openings where the same OP1 animation runs and was replaced by some half-assed song that didn’t even fit the animation. The fact that Bowl Man was taken off the air just because the band got into some law trouble is a shit move on the stations part and in general was in bad taste.

    Thanks again.

    • Quattro says:

      No. Too much :effort:. Just rewatch the old opening if you can’t stand the new one.

      • Pedro says:

        Doremi is doing this show picking up from ep15, maybe y’all can join them?

        • Quattro says:

          Well, they didn’t contact me at all, so I doubt they want the help. Of course we’d love to though. I mean, all we needed was a translator in the first place…

          • AABBCC says:

            If you could re-release with psuedo ye ‘ol English similar to how Huzzah had it, that would be fantastic. I mean, they’re doing gods work as it is and deserve all the praise possible, but it would be out of this world if someone could go that extra mile.

          • Quattro says:

            Honestly not really necessary. I’d offer to help do that with the actual releases, but we’re not going to “re-release” it just for that.

    • shie says:

      dude, that”half-assed song” you were talking about is quasimode’s song….i bet you don’t know who they are lol

  24. ore no namae says:

    I was posting bullshit on other fansub groups about picking this anime to translate it. But you guys are willing to do it for the love of teakettles! That’s fucking amazing! You guys rocks!
    I’d be happy to help but I don’t understand a single thing about japanese, even I don’t speak english. But at least I hope you can bring happiness all over the world releasing this marvelous anime. (I had problems with the old english subs though… orz)

  25. verythrax says:

    I’m willing to help the anyway I can. I don’t know japanese, but maybe I can do syncing, encoding, whateveer. This just NEED to happen!

  26. McHerp says:


  27. kavi says:


    I’m a huge fan of HyougeMono and would love to see this subbed properly. My Japanese is elementary at best (Hyouge is waaaay over my head) but if you need anything, please ask. If nothing else I would be happy to do QC; I have a background in journalism / editing and nothing escapes my attention!

  28. nINJAkECIL says:

    I’m digging this show and I’d like to help, but sadly my Japanese skill is crap. I could do timing and typesetting tho. I’ll be lurking on your channel, so if you ever need me just bug me.

  29. Musashi says:

    This REALLY needs to happen. This show is fantastic.

  30. Yae says:

    Well, tis October…the end of year draws near. I do thank you for possibly taking this one on as it is an excellent series and one I have missed very much. I am gonna hope against hope, ya’all bump into a solid and committed translator if not in 2012, then, perhaps 2013. All the best! <3

  31. Abuzz says:

    Why do I get the feeling that nothing will happen until Huzzah gets paid their ransom?

    Nothing’s happening on this end, that end, any end at all.

    Who knows, maybe the guy’s still alive.

  32. McHerp says:

    >maybe the guy’s still alive.


  33. Unhappy_customer says:

    When are you sluts going to finish Steins;Gate?

  34. RP says:

    Thank you for this. Love you!

  35. H_B says:

    Any changes with Poyopoyo?

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