Hiring QCs and Typesetters

We need QCs. Take this test and send the report to WhyNot.doesntexist@gmail.com. Also, a QC is expected to watch and check for any errors (editing, timing, typesetting, video, anything).

Update: The QC test is now 237% less ~FABULOUS~ (i.e. it’s no longer prince).

EDIT: Listen up people, the QC test is NOT HARD. Just pay attention to the video and look for stuff that seems out of place (bad timing, mis-spellings, bad typesetting, bad grammar etc.).

We also need more typesetters. A lot of shit gets stuck at typesetting for hours or just gets indefinitely stalled ((like these)). Test be here. Note: you have to make it move with the actual sign. No movement = instafail.

Also, before sending anything in make sure you read the main recruiting post.

EDIT2: People, try googling/youtubing something on typesetting before you try this. I keep on failing all the applicants because they don’t know what typesetting is and just hand in some derp script as a test.

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27 Responses to Hiring QCs and Typesetters

  1. Tassadar says:

    I would and do this but I absolutely REFUSE to watch this show.

  2. Mushyrulez says:

    You purposefully made the test UtaPri to dissuade non-hardcore QCers, didn’t you.


  3. Maku says:

    I’d love to take the test, but my net sucks, so downloading it as a ddl really aint there…any torrents? xD

  4. Donovan says:

    I wouldn’t mind trying to do QC-ing and timing. I tried the tests, and there aren’t that bad.

  5. Kagura says:

    Would have taken the test. But ksub still isnt showing me any subtitles.

    • AsuraE says:

      If you’re talking about the qc test, you don’t need a subtitle editor. If you’re talking about the typesetting test, you have to use aegisub (ksub or w/e looks like it only supports srt and some typesetting will require advanced ass tags)

    • MrDrSr says:

      Go get Aegisub. It’s cross platform and does everything you could ever need.

  6. Zolfried says:

    i think i failed this test, i enjoyed the show so much i forgot to look for errors (-.-)…

  7. Ztick says:

    Could the QC test possibly be on a bot? (maybe it is already but im too stupid to find it)
    i cant type word captures :3

  8. Uchiha Itachi says:

    shld i just upload the subtitle file ??

  9. d360 says:

    I have no clue about doing these things since ive never tried, but im getting the essential files i need to run the test and play around and learn the ropes, when I do (hopefully quickly) I’ll pass on another message. I’d gladly help out. I’m messing around aegisub ryt now. I hope I could be of use. My japanese isnt bad either for translating.

  10. Pat says:

    Did the QC test, not sure how well I did on it, it was easy to spot a lot of errors.

  11. Ryu Haruse says:

    UtaPri is not gay…. In fact that girl was cute, she seems like someone who was raped and lost herself forever (look at her eyes; look at the eyes of someone who got raped)

  12. computerquip says:

    I sent an email containing the time of the errors and the actual correct/suggestion. I’m not sure how picky I’m supposed to be nor am I familiar with everything I should look for. We’ll see :D

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