Heroic Age

To commemorate my first torrent upload, I’m making this post! Basically, this group/person released both a 720p and a 1080p version of Heroic Age but I have only found the 720p available by torrent (the 1080p through Megaupload – yuck) so I decided to upload it :). I will try and seed for as long as I can and hopefully the group itself will help out or whatever. For now, download and enjoy Heroic Age in glorious 1080p!

EDIT: HERE IT IS! Batch torrent

NOTE: I have no affiliation with lightningblade or anyone who worked on this release. I am simply uploading the torrent because the only option right now is Megaupload (which sucks) and I figured I would share it with people who, like me, prefer torrents. So, please visit their/his/her site (linked at the bottom) and say thanks.

Size: ~700MB@1080p (1920×1080)
Extension: mvk, x264
Audio 1: English 5.1ch AAC [HEv1] (Default)
Audio 2: Japanese 2.0cf AAC [HEv2]
Sub 1: (ODD #)English OP/ED (Even #)Japanese Romaji OP/ED (.ASS)(Default)
Sub 2: English Subs (.ASS)

Answering the call of the “Gold Race”, all the sentient races launch into space. The human race is the last to launch, and are thus known as the “Iron Race”. Much time has passed since then, and humanity is threatened with extinction at the hands of the more dominant “Silver Race”. In order to save her people, Princess Deianeira sets out on a journey to a galaxy far away, following the prophecies of the Gold Race handed down by the royal family. Then, she meets a boy named Age. Their encounter will change the fate of the universe…

Link to the original page

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  1. Sacrifarz says:

    hi. thanks for the torrent but a little question, compare lightningblade 1080p version with coalgirls 1080p version which is better in terms of quality (both video and audio)?; ignoring its humungous file size.

  2. yomiex says:

    re-seed this pls

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