Hen Zemi – 5

┌( ゚∀゚)ノ

Quattro edit: Ignore the first one if you saw it, MrDrSr decided to upload the preQC version cause DERP.

Also, this release was delayed about 18 hours because SOMEONE said they would typeset it and disappeared. That’s right, 18 hours for like 3 signs. That was all that was left. Yes I mad.

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5 Responses to Hen Zemi – 5

  1. Goodall says:

    Hey guys, cheers for the latest episode. I was just wondering which font you used for this release, I have been getting boxes instead of punctuation (I assume) and I figured I simply don’t have the font installed on my system.

    If I’m totally wrong, has anyone got any suggestions?

    played in MPC with he latest non beta CCCP

    • Quattro says:

      We include all fonts we use with the video (they are attached to the mkv), so that wouldn’t be the issue. The font is the same as it has been for the last 4 episodes, too.

      You may have changed some settings that are messing up playback.


      Try starting at step 5 and check that all the settings are right because it plays back fine on my setup (CCCP with MPC-HC with those settings).

  2. Dawezy says:

    That poor table, seeing such a end.


    Looks more like it was thrown at his face in that screencap actually.

  3. amen665 says:

    thx 4 release. i do appreciate it.

  4. Odrajaf says:

    Thank for release.

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