Hen Zemi – 13 + Batch

I have way too much time on my hands.

Staff credits:
AsuraE (Encoder 1-7)
Valerauko (Translator)
RandomEntropy1 (Timer) – I hope all the perverts out there liked this show and our work. It was fun for me.
Quattro (Editor, typesetter, encoder 8-13) – I… This show…
MrDrSr (QC)

“00” is the batch, btw. Both OADs are included in the batch.

Patches: 6, 8, 10, 11, 12

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20 Responses to Hen Zemi – 13 + Batch

  1. Yoekix says:

    So you mined a bit, I must now show my nerdism by completely crushing you with my images of my creations

  2. Quattro says:

    How can people play Minecraft… I never got into it.

  3. azazel-san says:

    thx WhyNot? for Hen-Zemi. i liked this show and your work.

  4. IchiGOAWAY says:

    Thank you kindly!

  5. Mason says:

    hey not sure if anyone else is having this issue

    but the file can not be downloaded from fileserve :(

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are these episodes censored or uncensored? Just wondering…

    • Quattro says:

      As we’ve said countless times, in countless places, “There is only one version of this show being aired. Every single airing of it is censored the same. There is no ‘censored’ or ‘uncensored’ for this show.”

      If you want completely uncensored, wait for the BD/DVD.

      That is, if the BD/DVDs are even “uncensored”, which is doubtful based on the OADs.

  7. i hate u says:

    waiting so long for torrent batch for yondemasu, yet you creating torrent batch for this shit anime

    that’s happen to nura season 1, forced lot’s people taking another fansub,

    for the god sake, please just give torrent batch and update it , if you want to give V2 for some episode

    • Quattro says:

      Well, you’ll be happy to know we’re working on the BDs for season 1 (nura). We’ll release them probably in a batch~

      We’re waiting for the OVAs to be complete for Azazel (needs typesetting). There will be a batch sometime in the next couple of weeks. Every episode has been v2ed already.

  8. Dawezy says:

    Was the BD/DVD line of Hen Zemi being planned by the WhyNot? folk or no?

    Just incase there was any misunderstanding of that August/3rd Post and Reply.


    • AsuraE says:

      Nope, the only staff member who actually wanted to do the series (me) got sick of this after the 3rd episode. From what I hear though Kira-Fansub are doing the BDs so keep a look out for them.

  9. aklan85 says:

    Hello everyone! First, let me start by saying thanks a lot for you hard work. I’ve read the comments before me but there still any chance in hell you would do the BD version of Hen Zemi TV since all the subbed versions out there are censored? The 1080p BD version is available on nyaa but it’s raw of course :(

  10. aklan85 says:

    I did but I was hopping they might change their minds or something if other people asked them too :s wishful thinking I guess…

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