Hen Zemi 07

So, vale wanted to relay to you all how ridiculous Komugi’s speech was to translate. Just imagine him sitting there with this face while translating that part.

Also, more (not) uncensored action in this episode ◔ ◡ ◔. Don’t you just love when the tags are so informative and true? I sure do.

Delays brought to you by AsuraE and no one else able to encode until way later for :reasons:. The timing was done probably 12+ hours ago and the editing/typesetting only took an hour. So… yeah. Hours with nothing getting done~

Azazel will be out around the same time as always.

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  1. azazel-san says:

    thanks for Hen Zemi 07, waitin for Azazel-san 07. :)

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