WhyNot be an intern?

As of right now, we’re only in need of typesetters and QCers (although, we would love more translators to help vale out). We can’t teach you to QC, so it’s all or nothing there. If you’d like to apply for QC (or something else), see this post.

On to the main point… Since we hardly ever get typesetter applicants, and they pass the test even less often, we will teach you to typeset (and subsequently to time). This includes the use of Aegisub, Mocha Pro, various lua scripts, generating passfiles, etc, etc.

No prior experience is necessary.

EDIT: We’re no longer accepting applications for interns.

Position(s) open:

Initial requirements:
1) Not involved with another fansub group.
2) Decent computer/internet.
3) On the computer most of the day (after work/school is fine too).
4) Want to fansub, but don’t know how.
5) Able to take constructive criticism and learn from mistakes.

All applicants need to:
1) Drop by the IRC channel #WhyNot?@irc.rizon.net, talk to AsuraE Quattro since he’s dealing with this intern crap and send an email to WhyNot.doesntexist@gmail.com (be sure to DO BOTH).
2) Use “WhyNot? Applicant – *insertpositionhere*” as the subject. Anything else will be filtered out as junk.
3) Include your available times (and time zone in UTC/GMT), internet connection (use http://speedtest.net/ and link/paste the result in your email), computer specs, and nick in the application email.
4) Lurk on our channel (all communication will be done through IRC), and we will give you further instructions.

Failure to do any of these means that you fail the basic test of being able to follow simple instructions, so reread this after writing your email. Good luck. Spots are limited. If you’re accepted, we will teach you everything you need to know.

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    whatever happened to poyopoyo?

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