The second OVA is almost ready as well. For now, we’ll just release a v0 of it (only 720p) until we can get our hands on the BDMV.

Epic, you really are lazy. Pic related.

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11 Responses to .hack//Quantum

  1. MrDrSr says:

    Wait, wtf is this? When did we start working on .hack?

    … not that im complaining or anything though.

  2. Sake says:

    Lol, it was suggested by valerauko while you were away, Mr.

  3. Keiichi says:

    Easily the best demotivational poster I’ve seen. Thanks guys, and FFFUUUUU now I need to go watch all the rest of the .hack// stuff… there goes my weekend.

  4. Guy says:

    ^Don’t do it. Pretty much all of them are crap. Just don’t.

    I haven’t watched this yet though, I already have Fnolli’s release, however.

    Is this your translation, or you picked it from some official source or something?

    • EpicNaruto says:

      It’s our translation. Valerauko will be TLing the Quantum OVAs.

    • Keiichi says:

      Are any of them worth watching? This one was quite entertaining…

      • AsuraE says:

        SIGN and LUMINALITY were ok. Avoid twilight bracelet at all costs.

        • Guy says:

          Avoid ROOTS too. Even if you’re a G.U. game fan like me, you’ll hate yourself for wasting your time like that.
          Trilogy and Returner were fine after finishing the G.U. series.

      • Comic says:

        Skip Twilight’s Bracelet, //SIGN is more of a stand around and talk kind of anime, Liminality focuses on characters on the real world side of things during this era as well.

        //ROOTS is fairly close to this in how it has more action, but leads directly into the G.U. games so don’t go in expecting things to tie up at the end.

  5. Zash says:

    hello just a question, is there someone in charge of seeding your torrents?
    i am downloading and i’m kind of stuck at 80% because i’m only getting like 1.5kb/s download speed

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