.hack//Quantum – OVA 03

Watch the episode for the titties ;)

Well lookie here. We promise v1s if we ever get our hands on the blurays, or BDMV (also 1080p versions for 2 and 3).

AsuraE Edit: Watch the episode for the titties ;)

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6 Responses to .hack//Quantum – OVA 03

  1. Fireboy says:

    WhyNot? == Pure Awesomness

  2. amen665 says:

    lol… why you fk that picture up? XD

  3. padfoot135 says:

    ello… bit late to ask for this but… any other sites can i dl all 3 episodes besides from fileserve?? fileserve is becomming retarded for me… i keep getting the cookie error eventhough im a freaking premium =.=

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