.hack//Quantum needs your help!


The BDMVs (bluray discs) for 2 & 3 still haven’t appeared online anywhere, and at this point it looks as if they won’t be uploaded for an extremely long time, if at all. This means that THERE WILL PROBABLY NOT BE A 1080P RELEASE FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

This is pretty much true for any BD series we do, so if you want the BDs (and we’ve expressed interest in doing them), here’s how you can help. While we try not to ask for donations and afford servers from fileserve earnings, they aren’t even close to enough for BDs as well (servers are covered for the year).

Now it’s time to beg :/ There are three ways people can help.
1) You can donate and download from the fileserve links so we can raise the money to buy the BDs ourselves.
2) You can buy the BDs yourself, rip them and upload them to us.
3) If you already have the BDs can you PLEASE upload them to us (we’ll explain how if you don’t know).

The BDs are here and here for anyone who is interested. As of now they cost $93.95 USD plus shipping.

As a reward for reading this, I give you cookies~

Also, seeing as how volume 4 of p&s hasn’t shown up after a month, and volume 5 was just released, I don’t see the BDMVs showing up anytime soon (if ever). We’d like some help with those as well – Volume 4 and Volume 5.WE HAZ THEM

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5 Responses to .hack//Quantum needs your help!

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Does that look like a BDMV to you? I don’t think you get what a BDMV means. It’s a mirror of the actual bluray disk that we encode from. We refuse to use some shitty share raw for BDs as they are always encoded terribly.

      • AsuraE says:

        Plus there’s the fact that you’ve got a longer than normal show, with a fair amount of action, in a 1080p encode at 600MB – unless you’ve got access to a time machine and some super codec from the future, that will look worse than what we’ve already got.

  1. Tsuki says:

    seems that zero-raws has 1080 already!

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