Gyo OVA v0

I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced, so I figured, “Hey, why not sub it too?” and here we are. Vale translated it.

This is labeled a v0 because the BDMV isn’t up yet (and who knows how long it’ll take). Because of that, only 720p until we do get the BD/BDMV. If someone actually has the BD and can upload it to us, please leave a comment or PM me on IRC. If not…

I would like to actually buy the BD (assuming the BDMV doesn’t show up, since it hasn’t yet), so we will be attempting to raise the money to buy it. Link to donate is on the right (make sure to include that it’s for gyo), and we’ll take it back down once we get enough for the BD or when no one cares at all and we get nothing.

Amazon link – ~$57 + ~$25 s/h = ~$82

Total donations (1): $5
Needed: $77

I’ll keep this post updated with how much we have received (if anything). Keep in mind that if the BDMV for Gyo does show up, we may consider getting Minori Scramble or the Yuri Seijin Naoko-san BDs instead.

Torrent | DDL

Oh, and we’ll be doing the Steins;Gate BD special asap. Then I’ll get back to reencoding it all to use ordered chapters.

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36 Responses to Gyo OVA v0

  1. b says:

    poor vale. he seems to be translating everything for every group.

  2. Blu says:

    seems pretty interesting so I’ll give it a shot but just wanted to clarify that the only thing “wrong” with it is the quality, correct?

  3. Thor says:

    Is it being seeded? I am seeing no peers or seeds for the torrent. How odd.

  4. Shithead says:

    Why I can’t download it?! FUCK!
    Thanx for the translate!

  5. IZEROII says:

    let’s hope for that BD soon as this is ufotable :)

  6. Diogo4D says:


    Someone has the balls to do this!


  7. Sir_Lexa says:

    Thanks for doing this. I wanted to see this pretty bad :)
    Poor Vale though, if I had any skills in Japanese, I’d love to help out with the translating.

    Kudos to you once again.

  8. Progeusz says:

    Wow, it looks great. So much typesetting too…
    Big thanks!

  9. dingbat says:

    what the fuck did i just watch!?!? i can’t unwatch it!!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    someone help me unwatch this…

  10. desti says:

    Thanks for this fine release.

  11. WhyNot‘s making me hyped up … [take a look at the releases section up there on your right side] i can’t help but access this site every hour or so … ep25

  12. Kaz says:

    How to put this….It was indeed interesting. And I rather enjoyed it.. Some stuff was plain weird, and outlandish. But it certainly a worth while watch..

    P.S. My DL ended in like 30 minutes..^_^ And I seeded 1-1

  13. Ecchi says:

    Horrible film! Horrible thoroughly. I knew this wasn’t going to be HOTD but… What a eh!

  14. Anonymous says:

    My CPU and RAM usage went through the roof and caused massive stutter at 00:24:22.
    Probably due to a ton of text being crammed in, right?
    What can fix this?
    Using CCCP to play on 3.0GHz E8400 with 4GB RAM.

    Otherwise great job at translating this.

  15. virox says:

    Thanks for the good work
    Missing line at 24:11

  16. daiz says:

    >Get shareraw
    >Reencode it to 10bit
    >Receive a crappy video

    • Quattro says:

      Problem? Have a better idea?

      Also, you forgot downsizing.

      • daiz says:

        Not really a problem, just wondering why bother reencode from something that is already h.264 (I’m of course just assuming that the raw was h.264)? Especially since this is not even your final release. Doesn’t it just make it look worse?

        • Quattro says:

          Not really. I reencoded the 1080p raw that was out there. I mean, of course it isn’t perfect, but that’s why it’s a v0. The original 720p was even worse anyway.

  17. yubisakimilktea(shiki) says:

    this was a amazing… combination of… tentacle/scat hentai minus the hentai… ~feels somewhat sick~

    spoiler(sorta): though seriously i hated this, the main character was the only one in the series with any balls to do “ANYTHING” (along with the camera man, but he played a more spectator roll) but for some reason was burden by her extreme humanity, which is fine, shes supposed to be human, she can’t stop feeling, but no way in hell could any one have that much luck to survive all that s**t (but meh, most animes revolve around the main character’s doing the impossible, but at least there character type is less human and more robot like) she dodges death(let alone the fatal end) sooo many times. enough about her, who the hell was the c***** troupe? the gas? the machines? left with these questions were given half ass speculation at the end with a “while being f**ked they just continued on to the best they could” ending… really!?!

    plz tell me theirs gonna be a second, if this is how it ends ill really regret getting into something that felt more like a prologue.

  18. BakaAho says:

    any news about BDMV ?

  19. R says:

    I’ve been waiting to see this for a while now. Glad someone took on the job to sub it.

    Is there an .avi, or an .mp4 of this? I tried to convert the mkv to mp4 and the subtitles disappeared. I can’t watch videos on my PC so I transfer stuff I download to my PS3. A subtitles files would be enough for me actually.

  20. tyciol says:

    I found out about this one due to the bathing scene. How come it’s not listed under your completed projects?

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