Gintama The Movie – The Final Chapter: Be Forever Odd Jobs (this is not a release)

Note: This is not a release.

I will be picking up my copy of the Limited Edition BD tomorrow. I saw it in theaters and couldn’t help myself. I really am going crazy buying BDs now that I’m in Japan. SYM, S;G, Gintama… But it has benefited everyone, so I don’t mind. Owning these things is pretty cool too, even if we’ve released our own versions.

More to the point… I bought this without really planning on releasing it. I know we did the last Gintama movie, but we don’t have anyone to translate it. So what I can offer is to provide an encode and some assistance to whoever is planning on releasing it. Otherwise, I won’t bother and will just do it for my own personal collection. I don’t intend to just release it raw either way though. We’re a sub group, not a raw group.

tl;dr This movie was hilarious.

EDIT: Got my copy. It’s awesome.
EDIT2: We’ll be jointing with Over-Time to get the movie released now.
EDIT3: It’s almost done. Some typesetting and a QC left.
EDIT4: Script is done. We had some problems with the encodes though, so it’s being reencoded. Soon™.

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38 Responses to Gintama The Movie – The Final Chapter: Be Forever Odd Jobs (this is not a release)

  1. dark5server says:

    i hv been waiting for this cause they always give the fake trailer in the series.
    please release 1080p 5.1ch version (if available)..

  2. Eureka says:

    does the movie show the past of gintoki? or does he only travel to the future like what the trailer show? :D

  3. jun says:

    is it really final chapter?! we want moar gintama series!!
    too bored reading the manga though

  4. xplodedtb says:

    I watched the movie when I was in Japan too. Loved every single bit of it, very Gintama-style and action-packed too. Best part of it all was getting to the end and I cried. ;A; (And some in the theater pretty much did the same as well.) And then shortly after I purchased the light novel version of the movie. \o/

    I hope you manage to find a translator for this! *___*

  5. gil says:

    I am HYPED to get this from somwhere. Anywhere, really.

    I’m afraid I’m not much help if you’re looking for translators, but I do hope this sees the light of day as a release somehow.

  6. anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for the subs for this movie~~

  7. FRNO says:

    When will your sub for this movie come out?

    • AsuraE says:

      Well, if you take half the time it’d take to sub it then double that due to holidays (Christmas/New Years/Whatever) you’ll probably get how long it’ll take.

  8. FRNO says:

    Buy if you consider this that it’s holidays,usually people have more time in holidays than the est of the year but considering their work it’ll take time.I don’t think that it needs more than a week or does it?

  9. jon says:

    any news on robotic notes releases

  10. Anon says:

    WhyNot and Over-Time saving Christmas.
    How about a status update?

  11. DemonSapde says:

    Thank you for working on this. Much appreciated :)

  12. jesse says:

    I thank you and my wife thanks you. I think she may have ordered me the BR for xmas… but neither of us speaks Japanese.

  13. styferion says:

    Thank you for translating this, I assume it will come out the first/second week of January then?

  14. dannphou says:

    do I need to watch the show and the other movie in order to watch this movie?

    • andrewisgod says:

      id definitely recommend it, its a pretty episodic show but ud definitely like the movie more if you knew the characters, and u dont have to watch the other movie first tho, its just a movie version of one of the story arcs from the TV show, but its still a good movie to watch anyway

  15. nodbgp says:

    Thanks for doing this, keep up the good work.

  16. jj says:

    yay! can’t wait! :D your hard work is much appreciated :D thanks!

  17. Mr.Qwert says:

    So when will it be done

  18. Mr.Qwert says:

    Any estimated date?and thnx for ur hard work ,I just can’t wait.

  19. Testo says:

    Cant wait and thanks for working on it. I hope you can release it this year.
    Greetings from Germany.

  20. Jiraiya says:

    Thanks alot for your great work guys, i can’t wait for the subs. Huge fan from the Netherlands.

  21. Mr.Qwert says:

    I think I’ll explode ,I’m too excited I can’t wait anymore.thnx a lot for working on subbing this.

  22. 10239 says:

    Trying to force myself to sleep so time could pass quickly ,hopefully it will be done by the time I wake up.

  23. Dark knight says:

    So will the subbed version be ready any time soon? Sorry for bieng impatient , knowing how hard ur working to get this subbed.

  24. Chinpo-san says:

    Quattro-san, arigato gozaimashita !

    Love Gintama. Ordered the BR and saw it last week, hilarous as usual, good job with the script Sorachin-chin sensei, this movie is just awesome !

    Can’t wait for the release !

    spoil :

    Mirai Kagura-chan is hot. Last Megane-joke with Shinpachi is pure gold.

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