Gintama° – Love Potion Arc – 01


Well, some stuff happened and here we are. Enjoy. I sure missed these idiots.

Torrent | DDL

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11 Responses to Gintama° – Love Potion Arc – 01

  1. Flower says:

    Nice to see you folks back. ^^

  2. tubby says:

    i love you guys, before and even now lol

  3. BILLSON says:

    alive yeeeeee thank you

  4. aaa says:

    Garo, Give me More Garo

  5. Clio says:

    Now I wait for Part 2 :)

  6. vampiressd says:

    Part 2 before new season airs?

  7. vampiressd says:

    Part 2 ever? *hopeful*

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