Garo – The Crimson Moon – 02, 03, 04

[WhyNot] Garo - The Crimson Moon - 02 [438F0503].mkv_snapshot_05.23_[2015.11.06_00.01.38]

What a troll. Love the new Watchdog.

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5 Responses to Garo – The Crimson Moon – 02, 03, 04

  1. d@d.dom says:

    ep1 was rather meh, does it get better?

    I miss alfonse and leon ;_;

  2. Yay, finally it’s here. Thank you guys. Definitely worth waiting for. :D

  3. Bracket says:

    Thanks for the release! Hard to believe MAPPA is animating Crimson Moon with the frequent quality drops…

  4. scineram says:

    Great. It was worth the wait.

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