Galileo’s Captian Garo

Picture later. Maybe.

Spoiler for Garo
TL: Funi
Songs: Funi
TLC: Quattro
Editor: Quattro
Timer: Afinon
Typesetter: Quattro
Encoder: Acid`, AsuraE, Quattro
QC: Acid`, Sobre (backup)
Stuff doer: Quattro
Spoiler for Captain Earth
Songs: Quattro, vale
Editor: Brine, Quattro
Timer: Afinon
Typesetter: Hybrid21, Quattro
Encoder: Acid`
QC: Acid`, Quattro (backup)
Stuff doer: Quattro, Acid`
Spoiler for Galilei Donna
Songs: vale
Editor: Brine
Timer: Afinon, Congeal
Typesetter: Hybrid21
Encoder: COYS, Acid`
Stuff doer: Acid`

Captain Earth
Garo The Animation
Galilei Donna

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7 Responses to Galileo’s Captian Garo

  1. stardrago says:

    So, after making version 2 for most of Captain Earth, there were no BD versions for it to be used then?

  2. yoshichao says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaay about time you guys release Captain Earth.

  3. Naru says:

    Is there the 12.5 special?

    • Quattro says:

      Oh, forgot to include a note about that. I’ll probably toss up a bare bones version of that later separately. There are way too many typesets and it’s not remotely worth it.

  4. uzu says:

    Hey guys, do you still have plans for Ping Pong Blurays?

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