Freezing – 12 [END]


>mfw I was told to QC Freezing.

Batch soon.

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10 Responses to Freezing – 12 [END]

  1. BigAssBoy says:

    Thanks a ton for the season

  2. MikuMikuRin says:

    Yey, thanks! Couldn’t understand the raws yesterday hehe. GJ!

  3. tawn says:

    Thanks a ton for your work. Awesome last episode.

  4. Richiie says:

    Thank you for your quick and fast subs. Keep it up!

  5. rin says:

    Thanks for subbing this guys!

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  7. Xzone says:

    「生きてる」- “It hurts.” Wat.

    • Brine says:

      Damnit, I had edited that to be “Is this the end?”. But with Freezing 12 being my first attempt at an airing series, I created something of a clusterfuck with the script. ;_;
      Though, in my defense, “It hurts” was the original translation I was given.
      Whatever. >_<

  8. faggot says:

    batch please, cause im a faggot

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