Freezing 12 delayed

Freezing 12 airs next week. That is all.

EDIT: For those who still don’t believe us,

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22 Responses to Freezing 12 delayed

  1. eparadigm says:

    April Fools?

  2. martinPronce says:

    Can we get subs for the first OVA? BD is now up on TT

  3. tifa says:

    i think freezing 12 has already been released here is the raw link

  4. MikuMikuRin says:

    I hope you release Episode12 soon. I had watched a raw one but at 480p. Good luck!

  5. Ka says:

    The raw for freezing is out,
    this is real, so when are guys going to sub this? Thank you (ahead of time) for subbing this.

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