Freezing 11 delayed

For those who can’t read it, or are pretending to use google translate, Freezing 11 will not be airing this week. Freezing 12’s air date is TBD/TBA so don’t ask.

AsuraE: Or you could go here. Just sayin’.
EDIT: Except it’s wrong. Just sayin’.

Okay, since it’s not letting make a poll, this is now a ‘What is more likely – A time traveller or a 2300 year old man fansubbing anime’ post. So, time traveller or 2300 year old fansubber. Go.

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4 Responses to Freezing 11 delayed

  1. XeroForever says:

    Damn, guess I’ll be waiting a whole other week. Its understandable though, I hope japan can recover.

  2. AsuraE says:

    So instead of waiting around to do backup edit/qc Freezing this week I have a 700mL bottle of Bacardi 151 and 4L of coke… FUCK YEAH! BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE THIS SHIT SHOW STARTED!!!

  3. XeroForever says:

    2300 year old funsubber

  4. Thopter says:

    Why can’t it be both? Why can’t a time traveler travel 2300 years into the future and fansub anime? He’d technically then be a 2300+ year old fansubber time traveler.

    Sorry if this comes through as a double-post.

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