Freezing 10

As probably all of you know at this point, an 8.9 9.0 earthquake struck Japan. All of our staff, family, and friends in Japan are safe as far as I know. Enjoy your Claymore/Eva ripoff show. They changed a shit ton from the manwha in this episode so, whatever.

I hurfed. When shifting to the release raw, I completely forgot about the OP/ED. I figured it was already done and only gave the QC the script to review -_-.


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17 Responses to Freezing 10

  1. Ian says:

    For some reason neither the v1 nor the v2 links appear to exist on nyaatorrents. Should I be heading somewhere other than where the TokyoTosho links point?

  2. Marik says:

    There’s going to be a fourth version coming soon.

  3. amen665 says:

    dam…. you guys are fast!!! you beat hiryuu again.

  4. tibsi says:

    how comes v2 is just half the size of v1?

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  6. Richiie says:

    Thanks for the great work. :)

  7. Hectotane says:

    Points toward the good people here for being able to get this episode out despite Kyou (the earthquake) and Tomoyo (the tsunami) beating up on Youhei (all of Japan).

  8. Picky Love Song says:

    ‘Ichinin’ instead of ‘hitori’. You people must be sick of it all, not to have made any real checks of karaoke script against audio.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      The editor in charge of fixing those (not me but Senna) has been sick most of the week and afk. I don’t really care about Freezing so fixing small mistakes in the karaoke is my last priority. They will be updated for the batch though.

  9. XeroForever says:

    A bunch of streaming websites have their schedules saying Freezing 11 will be posted this Friday, is this true, or is it more likely will be waiting a week for the episode?

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