Freezing 07 [Uncensored]

Where I sat and worked on this release for a fair portion of time last night at Katsucon. I did find a comfy chair with an outlet nearby, so I moved there for a few hours, but was kicked out because of some other conference…

AsuraE Edit: Meanwhile I QCed the ep at my friends place, who was tripping balls and hallucinating about mice.

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12 Responses to Freezing 07 [Uncensored]

  1. matthew2324 says:

    the ddl unworking dud :)

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  3. matthew2324 says:

    the link goes back to the main page . I suggest if the link un finish yet leave it unlinked cose quite bothering :)

    Just a suggestion :)

  4. Keiichi says:

    You gotta watch out for those mice…
    Thanks for the demi-pron…

  5. mangamuscle says:

    Thanks for another release. Muahaha, freezing it is indeed DBZesque, Satellizer and Rana will keep getting stronger until they eat Nova’s for breakfast :D

  6. rin says:

    Thanks for the subs!

  7. Tersad says:

    Thanks for great release.
    There’s one question bugging me through, isn’t first sentense of ending goes as “kowarete ku mirai de” while it’s written as “mirai ni”?

  8. Richiie says:

    Thanks for the subs. :)

    Keep it up!

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